How to Easily Remove the Xiaomi Poco Navigation Home Button

Rifqiy Hamid

This time I will discuss how to remove the Xiaomi navigation buttons on the Poco screen.

The newest feature of the Xiaomi ROM, namely MIUI, has new controls similar to iOS, namely the gesture / touch movement feature.

By using the gesture feature, the home button on your Xiaomi cellphone screen will disappear and the screen will be full or full screen.

If you want to get used to without the home button on the screen, then you must try this gesture mode on Xiaomi.

Here’s how to get rid of the home and back buttons and recent app on Poco Xiaomi.

How to Easily Remove Xiaomi Navigation Buttons

You can see on Xiaomi cellphones and even other newest brands, there must be no navigation buttons on the cellphone screen anymore.

Eliminating navigation already exists on iPhone cellphones and recently various Android brands have copied it, but users can still use other options.

By default there will be navigation buttons, if you want them to disappear, here’s how to remove your Xiaomi navigation buttons.

  1. Go to menus Settings / Settings.
    Eliminate The Home Button On The Xiaomi Poco Hp
  2. After that select the menu named Additional Settings.
  3. Next select the named menu Full Screen View.
  4. Change the button system navigation to Full Screen Gesture.
  5. Now the home and navigation buttons have disappeared on your Poco Xioami cellphone.
  6. Finished.
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Just think about how to get rid of the Xiaomi and Poco navigation buttons easily and correctly.

You can study it by pressing the learn button after the Navigation menu is changed to full screen gestures.

Indeed, for the first time it will be awkward for new users, just get used to it later you will get used to it and enjoy it by itself.

Hope it helps you and good luck.

Thank You.

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