How to Easily Add Xiaomi RAM Without Root & Applications

Rifqiy Hamid

There is a new feature on Xiaomi mobile phones, namely a feature on how to add Xiaomi RAM and it is called the Extended RAM feature.

Now, on this occasion, I will provide a way to easily add RAM to Xiaomi phones without root.

Before that, make sure your Xiaomi cellphone is using MIUI version 12.5 Enhanced and using the latest version of Android, namely Android Version 11.

These two conditions must exist on your Xiaomi cellphone to be able to get the RAM addition feature.

This additional RAM feature will borrow your internal storage to be used as additional RAM so that when opening many applications and games you will not experience LAG or Force Close yourself.

For more details, here’s how to easily add RAM to Xiaomi.

How to Add the Latest Xiaomi RAM

The first requirement is that you must first update your MIUI version to version 12.5 and above and make sure your cellphone uses Android 11.

After fulfilling the requirements, here are the steps on how to easily add Xiaomi RAM.

  1. Open the Settings menu on your Xiaomi cellphone.
  2. Next select the named menu Additional Settings.
    Xiaomi Additional Settings
  3. Next select the named menu Additional Memory.
    Xiaomi Ram Memory Booster
  4. Finally activate Additional Memory.
    Add Xiaomi Ram
  5. Done, now you have more RAM and can multitask more applications.
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So, just think about how to add Xiaomi RAM easily and quickly without additional applications and without root.

No need to hack or root anymore to add RAM on Xiaomi, just go to additional settings and activate the additional RAM.

The value or number of GB of RAM added also varies depending on which Xiaomi cellphone you are using, on this cellphone we can see for ourselves that the RAM memory added is 3GB.

Not only on Xiaomi cellphones, this feature is also available on Vivo and Samsung cellphones and other brands that already use high versions of Snapdragon processors.

Good luck and good luck. Thank You.

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