How to create a town in Minecraft 1.19

Cómo Crear Pueblo Minecraft

Villagers are too helpful in Minecraft. We can use emeralds to commerce for uncommon gadgets like armor or enchanted wine bottles. The drawback is that discovering a village shouldn’t be precisely straightforward. So the choice we’re left with is create a town in minecraft 1.19though we are able to additionally allow cheat codes if crucial.

get villagers

There are two methods to win Overworld villagers: kidnapping them or therapeutic a zombie villager.

Kidnapped from a town

The very first thing we may have to do is get the villagers on board by pushing or directing the boat in direction of them. The villagers will not go away till the boat breaks down.

Now, we are going to push the boat to the place the place we wish to construct a town. Ships can transfer on land the place there may be water.

Cure a zombie villager

Zombie villagers are normally discovered in deserted villages, igloo basements. On few events we are able to discover them in different locations.

We’ll want to create a pit 2/3 blocks deep to catch them. Then we are able to heal them with a potion of weak spot and a golden apple. We will cowl the villagers with a cover if crucial to stop them from getting sunburned.

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The igloo basement has a zombie villager and a cleric that may be healed to immediately create 2 villagers.

Create a town in Minecraft 1.19

A villager wants a home to keep and keep shielded from completely different threats which can be considerable in the world of Minecraft, reminiscent of zombies. The solely requirement is a mattress.

easy tent

This is nice for many who need villagers to begin farming or are low on provides. The solely factor we may have to do is put a mattress and look forward to the villager to need to sleep. We will construct a wall across the mattress, put some torches and a work block.

cattle tents

An straightforward means to group villagers collectively to allow them to spawn and multiply.

  • We may have to create 10 beds, then put a bell in order that the villagers can collect.
  • We’re additionally going to have to put in no less than 1 composter in order that no less than one villager can grow to be a farmer.
  • We’re going to dig a gap and fill it with water, then we’re going to create some farmland and provides the farmer seeds to allow them to develop and harvest crops. Sharing meals with different villagers will trigger them to multiply.
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Build good defenses

Considering that the villages created by us could be attacked by completely different Minecraft monsters, it can be crucial to have good defenses to defend the villagers.

The bigger the town we create, the extra susceptible it is going to be to completely different assaults. For a zombie siege to occur, they’ve to exist, even when it is 10 beds and 20 villagers, we even have to be current in the village.

The very first thing we’ll do is about up, no less than, a bell and ensure he is in the most secure place in town. We will likely be ready to activate the bell in case the zombies assault in order to collect the villagers in the place.

After this we may have to gentle up the realm contained in the village to keep away from a lot of the new hostile mobs. It would not be a dangerous thought to construct partitions across the town.

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