How to Copy TikTok Video Captions

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This time I will give a tutorial on how to easily copy TikTok video captions.

In every TikTok video there must be a caption that contains a description of the video and also the hashtag in it. Now sometimes there is a unique caption that we want to copy but can’t do it directly in the application.

Therefore we need the help of a website to be able to choose and copy the video description caption on TikTok.

You can do this on two different devices, namely laptops / PCs and also Android and iPhone smartphones.

And here are some steps to copy TikTok video captions easily without additional applications.

How to Copy TikTok Video Captions on Android / iPhone Phones

By default, the TikTok application cannot copy captions and hashtags in videos that have been posted.

Therefore we have to do outside the application and need the help of the website.

And here’s how to copy TikTok video captions on your cellphone easily and quickly.

  1. Open the TikTok App.
  2. Then select the video you like.
    Copy Caption Tiktok On Cellphone
  3. Next click the button share in the lower right corner.
  4. After that select the button Copy Link / Copy Link.
  5. The next step is to open the Chrome application or your browser.
  6. Go to site
  7. Paste or paste link which you have copied earlier.
  8. Please copy the caption in the TikTok video that you want.
  9. Done.
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Copy TikTok Caption on Computer / Laptop

It’s easier to copy all video descriptions on TikTok using a laptop or computer.

Because in the laptop / PC browser you can choose text that you can copy directly there. And also TikTok can login directly through your laptop / computer browser.

Here’s how to easily copy TikTok caption descriptions.

  1. Open via a laptop/PC browser.
  2. Then select the video you want.
    Copy Caption Tiktok Via Laptop Computer
  3. Last select then right click and press copy to copy the caption of the TikTok video.
  4. Paste or paste where you want.
  5. Done.


Now, it’s not easy to copy TikTok video captions on your cellphone quickly.

Just use a desktop or PC browser and copy as much as you want or use snaptik to copy TikTok captions.

Good luck and good luck.

If you have any questions please comment.


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