How to convert Amazon Music to mp3?

How To Convert Amazon Music To Mp3?

UnliHowHow to convert Amazon Music to mp3?

For all music lovers, music streaming offers the possibility of discover and listen to thousands of songs with ease. Among the best known services, Amazon Music attracts more and more users.

However, as with all market players, Amazon Music imposed a lot of restrictions when using its service. In addition to the DRMs that prevent you from sharing your music freely, the service also imposes the music formats to be used.
In other words, if your device does not support the format made available by the platform, you will be unable to listen to your music on Amazon Music. Fortunately, there are now some tricks to Bypass Amazon Music Restrictions.

TuneFab Amazon Music Converter : the best alternative to convert your Amazon Music tracks to MP3 format

By doing a search on the best software to convert Amazon Music, TuneFab Amazon Music Converter turns out to be one of the most reliable options. Designed by the software company TuneFab which we already mentioned in our tutorial to convert Spotify music to mp3.

Converting songs in Amazon Music may seem unnecessary to some, but it actually comes with a lot of benefits.

Why convert music from Amazon Music to mp3?

First, converting tracks from Amazon Music allows you to remove DRM present in these files. These DRMs prevent you from listening to your music on different devices or sharing it with friends freely.

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Second, using the software TuneFab Amazon Music Converterit is possible to retain metadata of converted songs. In other words, information like: album title, artist name, lyrics, etc. are retained. This metadata is important because it is useful for better managing your music library.

How to convert your Amazon Music songs to MP3?

Before thinking about converting your songs available on Amazon Music, it is important to first download and install the software TuneFab Amazon Music Converter. If it is true that the software has a premium versionit also hasa free version. As the name suggests, the free version of the software lets you test the tool and its features for a limited time.

  1. Download and install TuneFab Amazon Music Converter then open the software and go to the built-in browser. Then click on the ” Login in the top right to sign in to your Amazon Music account.
    Connect To Amazon Music To Convert Songs To Mp3
    Enter Your Amazon Credentials
  2. Once you are logged into your account, you have the option of clicking on the blue icon labeled ” To add to convert a piece of music. Know that you can convert a single song or an entire playlist.
    Connect To Amazon Music To Convert Songs To Mp3
  3. Once you have made your selection, you can choose output file format when it is converted. Go to the menu ” Format at the top right corner to choose MP3 as the output format.
    Convert Amazon Music To Mp3
    Know that you also have the possibility of change other settings such as bit rate or sample rate by going to the “ Advanced » and clicking on the tab « Settings » then on the option « Preferences “.
    Amazon Music Advanced Settings
  4. Once all the parameters are set up, you can click on the button « Convert all in order to launch converting your Amazon Music tracks to MP3 format. Besides converting your music, the software TuneFab Amazon Music Converter is also one of different solutions to download music from Amazon Music.
    Songs Converted To Mp3 From Amazon Music
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Indeed, once your Amazon Music songs have been converted, they are available in offline mode at any time. No longer need an internet connection to listen to your music. In addition, you will have the possibility of share your mp3s and other music files with anyone and you will also be able to listen to your music on any device.

Article produced in partnership with TuneFab

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