How to Clean Your Steampunk Motorcycle Goggles

How To Clean Your Steampunk Motorcycle Goggles

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Steampunk motorcycle goggles are all the fad, however they are often tough to clear. Luckily, we’ve obtained you coated with the following pointers and tips for protecting them in good working order!

Is it time to clear your bike goggles?

You ought to clear your goggles each time they get soiled and/or sweaty. This may be a few occasions per week, relying on how usually you trip, your local weather, and the kind of driving you do. The extra mud or mud you encounter (when you’re driving in an space that requires an off-road bike), the extra usually you’ll want to clear them. The identical goes for dusty climates like these present in Arizona and Nevada.

If your goggles are just a bit bit soiled or smudged up, wipe them down with a microfiber fabric as quickly as potential after coming residence from a trip. If they’re closely dirty or coated with grime from sweat or rainwater, use heat water and gentle dishwashing liquid or shampoo to take away cussed stains from lenses (watch out not to scratch them).

Safe Cleaning Solutions for Your Lenses

  • Use a gentle cleaning soap and water answer.
  • Do not use ammonia or bleach.
  • Do not use abrasive cleaners that include metal wool, sandpaper, or floor spices. These will scratch the lenses and make them much less clear over time.
  • Avoid utilizing alcohol, as it will probably dry out the rubber elements of your goggles and trigger them to crack over time; they’re usually utilized in cleaner options however needs to be averted if potential as a result of they can be harsh on plastics like acrylics (that are widespread in eyeglasses).
  • Dishwashing detergent is normally too robust for delicate surfaces equivalent to plastic lenses on eyeglasses or goggles—the excessive quantity of cleaning soap content material might trigger everlasting harm when you don’t rinse nicely sufficient after cleansing! Conversely, window cleaner can also be too robust for most of these lenses as a result of it comprises chemical substances that dissolve dust from glass surfaces at very excessive concentrations (and even then solely briefly). Using dish cleaning soap or window cleaner might presumably depart behind residue that might scratch any plastic components inside your goggles’ frames when worn once more later down the road.”
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What are steampunk goggles anyway?

Steampunk history covers an awesome deal, primarily is a subgenre of science fiction that takes place in an alternate historical past, normally the Industrial Revolution. The style’s traits embody steam-powered equipment and the usage of alternate historical past expertise (like Victorian-era computer systems). The style additionally has an aesthetic, which may be described as retrofuturistic or bricoleur (a mixture of discovered objects).

Steampunk goggles are an instance of steampunk trend—they’re goggles with a design impressed by steampunk tradition!

Replace Your Safety Strap

Replace your strap whether it is worn, broken, longer secure, or you probably have a brand new steampunk bike helmet in order that it appears the half. The strap is among the fundamental a part of your goggles, and it’s what retains you secure. If your strap will get worn out or broken, change it instantly. You can order a brand new one out of your favourite bike retailer or on-line retailer. Be positive to verify with them earlier than ordering, although—some firms cost a payment for alternative components!

What provides do I want to clear my goggles?

The very first thing you’ll want to clear your goggles is a clear fabric. You can use just about any material or paper towel that’s tender and absorbent. Next, you’ll need to use some cleansing answer like those we’ve talked about. I used a combination of distilled water, white vinegar and dish cleaning soap, however there are many different choices obtainable when you don’t need to purchase it from the shop.

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Finally, security glasses are important for protecting your eyes secure when working with chemical substances so take into account having a pair of these as nicely.After all, it solely takes a second to get one thing in your eyes and when you don’t have security glasses on then that’s what is going to occur. So ensure you have them earlier than beginning any cleansing job.


If you need to preserve your goggles in good situation, it’s vital to clear them recurrently. If you don’t have time or power for this process, then take into account investing in a pair of steampunk goggles that include a cleansing answer package.

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