How to Check Indosat Vouchers, Have They Been Used?

How To Check Indosat Vouchers, Have They Been Used?

Vouchers is a charging method Indosat Ooredoo packages which is still widely used today. Because vouchers are considered easier and more practical and easy to find anywhere.

We just have to buy it through the nearest counters in your respective locations. Then the voucher code can be directly entered so that it becomes Internet packages.

So the thing that is often asked is how How to find out whether an Indosat voucher has been used or not? Because at first glance it is difficult to distinguish between vouchers that have been used and those that are still new.

How to Check Indosat Ooredoo Vouchers

How To Check Indosat Ooredoo Vouchers
How To Check Indosat Ooredoo Vouchers

When buying an Indosat package voucher, of course we have to make sure that the voucher is new and has never been used before. How to?

Physically, you can see if the voucher is still neatly wrapped and sealed in plastic. Then you can also check whether the voucher code section is still intact or has it been rubbed before.

If the voucher code has been rubbed, there is a possibility that the voucher has been used, but we also have to confirm it first.

How to? We can check the status of Indosat vouchers via the SMS service, see the following tutorial:

  • First, open it SMS menu on your HP.
  • After that, type Check(space)voucher code.
  • Send the SMS to number 363 and wait.
  • There will be a reply SMS from the operator.
  • There is information whether the voucher has been used or not.
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How to Enter Indosat Voucher Codes

How To Enter Indosat Voucher Codes
How To Enter Indosat Voucher Codes

So maybe many of you don’t know how to activate a voucher Internet on the Indosat Ooredoo card.

It’s really easy, there are several methods that you can use, including:

1. Via USSD

  • Prepare your 14 digit voucher code.
  • Open the dial or call menu on the cellphone.
  • Type *556*Voucher Code# then press Call.
  • Wait until your request is processed.
  • Later there will be an incoming SMS notification.
  • Indicates that the voucher has been successfully activated.

2. Via MyIM3

  • Download and install the MyIM3 application on the cellphone.
  • Then you log in with each number.
  • After that, tap on the plus or add icon.
  • Enter your Indosat number into the form provided.
  • Then tap on the Use Voucher option.
  • Then input your Indosat voucher code correctly.
  • If so, you can click the Continue option.
  • Then the internet package will go directly to the simcard.

3. Scan the QR Code

  • Open your MyIM3 application.
  • Then tap the + icon on the side credit.
  • Then you fill it in mobile phone number each.
  • After that, select the Use Voucher option.
  • Press options Scan QR Code next to Enter code.
  • Allow MyIM3 to access your camera.
  • Point the camera at the code on your voucher.
  • Wait until the cellphone detects it and the voucher will be active.
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As an easy and practical method of buying internet packages, vouchers are still widely used by Indosat customers.

Because we can buy it through the nearest credit counter or outlet and how to use it is very easy.

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