How to Check Blood Type on HP 2023

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How To Check Blood Group On Hp

How to check blood group on HP This can be done at home too, but you may ask whether this method is accurate or not?

The reason is that questions like this often haunt you, so to answer your questions about this we have summarized them for you.

Because basically how to check blood type online is very simple and can be done through several simple procedures as well.

Checking blood type using a cellphone is an alternative for those of you who are afraid of needles, but you want to know the type of blood group.

For this reason, on this occasion, we will share information about how to check blood group on HP as follows.

1. Blood Type

How To Check Blood Group On Hp
Blood group

Before carrying out how to check blood type on a cell phone, you must first understand that blood type consists of two different groups, namely the ABO and Rh groups.

Even blood type can be identified through the antigens on the surface of red blood cells, antigens are substances that can trigger your body’s immune response to these substances.

There are several specific antigens that indicate the ABO blood group group, which are as follows:

  • Blood group A has antigen A.
  • While blood type B has antigen B.
  • On the other hand, blood type AB has both A and B antigens.
  • So blood type O does not have A or B antigens.
  • If you already know the ABO blood type, then the blood type that is also identified by the Rhesus (Rh) factor is as follows:
  • Rh positive: If you have Rh antigens on the surface of your red blood cells it means you have Rh positive blood.
  • Rh negative: If you don’t have Rh antigens on the surface of your red blood cells, that means you have Rh-negative blood.
  • By entering the Rh factor, there are 8 blood groups that can be identified starting from A+ or A-, B+ or B-, AB+ or AB- and o+ or O-.
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2. How to Check Blood Group on HP

How To Check Blood Group On Hp
How to Check Blood Group on HP

To find out the blood type that is often used in hospitals and will usually use two methods, namely Forward typing and reverse typing.

What’s more, a medical worker or often known as a phlebotomist (a person who is trained to draw blood) will use a needle to draw blood from an arm or hand.

There are several ways to check blood type on HP, as follows:

1. Forward Typing

The way to check blood type on the first cell phone is called forward typing, each of your blood cells will be mixed with type A and B antibodies and the sample will be examined to see if the blood cells are.

Already sticking together (clumping), if blood cells stick together it means your blood cells have reacted with one of the antibodies.

For example, if your blood cells clot when mixed with B antibodies (B antibodies), then your blood type means B.

2. Reverse Typing

How to check blood type on a cell phone hereinafter referred to as “Reverse typing” or “back typing” because the fluid from your blood in the form of plasma or often called serum will be mixed.

With known blood cell types A and B, what’s more, people with blood type A have antibodies against blood group B (anti-b antibodies) in their blood cell serum.

Even those with blood type B have antibodies to type A blood (anti a antibodies) in their serum, if the A or B blood cells still clump together when combined.

That means you have blood type 0, if the blood cells break down when combined with type A or B, it means you have blood type AB.

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That is why the ABO blood group check must go through forward typing and reverse typing, because the result of forward typing is your first blood type.

Meanwhile, reverse typing is a cross-examination and confirms the results, and then your blood will be mixed using anti-Rh exclamation points.

If your blood cells give a clot reaction, that means you have Rh-positive blood and vice versa.

3. How to find out blood type at home

How To Check Blood Group On Hp
How to find out blood type at home

If you already know how to check your blood type on your cell phone, then you can find out your blood type at home using home blood typing which is sold freely.

First of all, you just prick your finger with a lancet and put a drop of blood on the special card that has been provided, then you combine it with the blood antibody liquid.

When you have placed blood on the card, you can observe the areas where the blood has clotted or spread and then shake the reaction using the guidelines on the package.

4. How to Check Blood Type on a HP Through an Application

How To Check Blood Group On Hp
How to Check Blood Type on HP Through Applications

In this sophisticated era, you don’t need to worry about syringes or get annoyed with long queues because now you can check your own class.

Blood via cellphone is very easy and fast, if you use an application called Blood Group Detector then you can find out what type of blood group it is.

How to check blood type on a cell phone through the application is as follows:

  • Download and install the Blood Group Detector application first on the Play Store or App Store, you can also visit via the following link (Download the Blood Group Detector Application).
  • Then select your gender option.
  • Then you continue with the fingerprint scan.
  • After that let the Blood Group Detector app scan the fingerprint.
  • When the scanning process is complete, your blood type screen will be displayed.
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However, don’t get complacent, because the platform developed by DaniPani Apps is not really 100% able to detect your blood type.

Because the final result that is displayed is a random result that only pretends to scan your fingerprint and not the real result.

Is There Another Way To Know Blood Type Without Taking Blood?

The reason is that blood type testing may be possible using saliva samples, because some people produce characteristic antigens in their saliva.

Quoted from the PubMed Central study, if a person secretes antigens in their saliva, a dry saliva sample will show a fairly accurate blood type.

However, it is important to note that not everyone secretes the antigen and this method does not always reveal the presence of the Rh factor in the blood type.

Due to the inaccuracy of checking your blood type on your cell phone, it’s best to find out more about your blood type by visiting a health center and hospital that are more reliable and accurate.

The final word

That’s the whole content of our article this time about how to check blood group on HP which we have stated above for you to use if you want to check your blood type on your cellphone.

You can do it in a number of ways that are easy to do if you want to find out your blood type without the need to go to the hospital and health center.

However, we suggest that you should check your blood group at the health center and hospital to be more accurate and reliable than you do via cellphone.

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