How to Change COC Account on iPhone 2023

Cara Ganti Akun Coc Di Iphone
How To Change Coc Account On Iphone
For those of you who are looking for how how to change COC account on iPhonetake it easy because in this article we have provided the discussion for you.

Actually, how to change accounts is very easy to do and not as difficult as you might think, you can follow the steps that we share.

There are many users who have more than one COC account, usually they use multiple accounts to adjust the level with their playmates.

Having multiple accounts is no longer a problem because Supercell provides features for players to be able to log in to different accounts on one Smartphone.

For gamers who don’t know how how to change COC account on iPhone easily and quickly, continue to refer to the reviews below until the end.

Overview of COC

How To Change Coc Account On Iphone
Overview of COC

Quoted from, COC is a popular Smartphone game Clash of Clans made by Supercell.

Clash of Clans was first released on iOS on 2 August 2012 and 8 October 2013 on Android devices.

In this game, you have to build a village to fend off enemy attacks that want to rob trophies, resources and destroy buildings.

Because of that, you have to build strong walls and defenses with a strategy that must be carefully thought out.

Clash of Clans or often known as COC is a strategy game that is liked by many people.

The popularity of this game has indeed begun to shift with the emergence of other games such as PUB or Mobile Legends.

However, until now there are still players who are reluctant to leave COC because of the gameplay that makes you feel at home playing for a long time.

Even COC gamers are still trending on YouTube, so it’s no wonder that this game is endless because 34 million Android users are still playing it.

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Of course COC can be played via Android, iOS Smartphones and in some cases you can also use a PC emulator.

Another advantage of this Clash of Clans game is that it can be played even on a low specification smartphone.

However, there are times when COC players want to change their name or switch to another cellphone, when they want to change COC accounts, they must pay attention to whether the account is connected to Google Play or not.

If it turns out that it is connected to a Google account, then you must add a new Gmail account and make the transfer.

Not only that, you also have to disconnect from your old cellphone, either Google or Facebook, so you can log in to your new smartphone.

Please note that a COC account can only be run when connected to a Google or Facebook account.

Continue to refer to the review below to find out how to change COC accounts on iPhone and Android.

How to Change COC Account on iPhone

How To Change Coc Account On Iphone
How to Change COC Account on iPhone

The account that is used to play COC or Clash of Clans is using the Supercell ID, the ID that is intended so that players can continue the game with a different device.

Therefore, to change your COC account, you must prepare the Supercell ID.

Without much ado, just take a look at the steps on how to easily change your COC account on your iPhone! The details are as follows:

First, please enter the COC game settings by opening the game installed on your smartphone.

Next, to disconnect the old account, please press “Connected” and tap “Log out”.

  • Then, enter a new Supercell ID by pressing “Login With Supercell ID” in the settings menu.
  • After that select “Login with Another ID” and enter your new ID.
  • Finished! Congratulations, the COC account change was successful.
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How to Change COC Account from Android to iOS and Vice versa

How To Change Coc Account On Iphone
How to Change COC Account from Android to iOS and Vice versa

Please note that COC game data on Android is stored in the Google Play account, while on iOS the game data is stored in Game Center.

So you must use your own Google Play and Game Center account so you can avoid unwanted things.

During the account transfer process a notification will appear that the progress of the COC account will stop, but there’s no need to worry because all COC data can still be used safely.

You can also continue to use 2 accounts alternately which apply to all Smartphone users.

In this case, just practice how to change COC accounts on Android devices to iOS, iPad or iPod! The details are as follows:

  • First, please download Clash of Clans for Android and iOS (Download COC for Android / Download COC for iOS).
  • Next, run the COC game and go to Settings > Link a Device.
  • When the message “if you want to play on two devices or would like to transfer your account to a new device, you can do it here” appears, you can select “This is the OLD DEVICE”.
  • When the “Choose the type of the device you want to link to” menu appears, select the I want to link to another device menu.
  • Later you will be given 16 random codes that will be used to transfer your account (This code is only valid for 2 minutes).
  • Now, run Clash of Clans on your iOS (iPhone, iPad or iPod) and select “Link a Device”.
  • When the message “If you want to play on two devices or would like to transfer your account to a new device, you can do it here” appears, select This is the NEW DEVICE.
  • Enter the 16 digit code you got earlier.
  • If it’s true, your account will automatically appear there with a Town Hall Level account name.
  • When a message appears saying “Linking Successful! – You have successfully linked this device to your account” To start playing, just press OK and your account will be loaded. Have fun!”.
  • This means that your account has been successfully transferred.
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Easy isn’t it? Now you can play Clash of Clans comfortably without having to start from scratch again.


  • The COC account on the old device will be logged out automatically.
  • Account transfers can only be done once, if you want to move your account to another device you will receive a notification “Already linked (The current village has already been linked. The linking can be done only once”

The final word

Thus the discussion around how to change COC account on iPhone and Android that we can share with you.

For those of you who want to do it and don’t know how to do it, please refer to and follow the steps above as a guide.

Make sure you follow each stage correctly and appropriately, that way you can switch accounts easily without having to play all over again.

So that the account change process can run easily, make sure you have a cellular data connection or use a stable wifi network. That’s all and hopefully useful.

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