High-frequency hearing loss: Can hearing aids help?

High-Frequency Hearing Loss: Can Hearing Aids Help?

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There are three fundamental classes which is sensorineural, conductive, and blended. In this text, we are going to speak extra about high-frequency hearing loss, which falls beneath sensorineural hearing loss. Hearing aids are generally identified to amplify low-frequency sounds, nonetheless, with the developments in hearing help know-how, hearing aids now achieve this far more.

What is high-frequency hearing loss?

High-frequency hearing loss is without doubt one of the commonest sorts and is a sensorinueral hearing loss. Sensorinueral hearing loss happens when there may be injury to the interior ear the place the hometown of the nerve that runs from the ear to the auditory nerve, or the mind.

The injury will also be to the tiny hair cells within the interior ear also referred to as stereocilia. High-frequency hearing loss refers to high-pitched sounds not having the ability to be heard properly. This situation can have an effect on anybody of any age, nonetheless, it’s extra frequent in aged with age-related hearing loss in addition to people who find themselves uncovered to loud noises.

Causes of high-frequency hearing loss

There are two classes of which causes high-frequency sensorinueral hearing loss which is acquired or congenital. The commonest one most individuals have is acquired hearing loss. Acquired refers to hearing loss that builds up after being born reminiscent of from ageing, noise, issues, infections, head trauma, tumors, or medicine.

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Congenital sensorinueral hearing loss alternatively occurs throughout being pregnant therefore it has a decrease probability of occurring. Some of the causes embody maternal diabetes, genetics, infectious ailments, lack of oxygen, or prematurity.

Types of remedy for high-frequency hearing loss

High-frequency hearing loss normally can’t be cured or reversed. However, hearing aids work completely for high-frequency hearing loss. At The Hearing Centre, a Singapore-based nation that gives hearing care, supplies an intensive choice of hearing aids which are programmable for hobbies reminiscent of listening to music or watching a film.

Generally, probably the most appropriate sort of hearing help for high-frequency hearing loss is receiver-in-the-ear (RITE) with a dome that sits completely within the ear canal. The cause why that is most fitted is because of an open match fashion which doesn’t muffle the low-frequency sounds that the wearer nonetheless hears naturally.

At The Hearing Centre, upon getting your outcomes from a free hearing check, an authorized audiologist would be capable of programme the hearing help amplifying sounds at solely the frequencies that the wearer struggles to listen to. Those who’re dealing with hassle hearing wouldn’t want to fret discovering hearing aids in Singapore as The Hearing Centre supplies the most recent hearing aids have to supply that improves high quality of life.

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What is the audible sound vary for somebody with high-frequency hearing loss?

Someone who’s dealing with high-frequency hearing loss will face hassle hearing sounds between the 2000 to 8000 Hz vary. Hence, they’ve hassle listening to ladies, younger youngsters, and letters reminiscent of ‘s’, ‘h’, or ‘f’ sounds. To discover out in case you are dealing with any type of hearing loss, ebook a free hearing check and session from The Hearing Centre to be examined by an authorized and skilled audiologist.


Hearing aids cannot solely assist with high-frequency hearing loss but in addition enhance the standard of life by permitting the wearer to hold out their hobbies in addition to day by day exercise similar to another particular person. To discover out extra about hearing aids, hear from our licensed and knowledgable audiologists at The Hearing Centre.

With 7 handy areas round Singapore, people wouldn’t have to journey far to get a free hearing check and session from an skilled audiologist at The Hearing Centre. Together with an affiliation with many well-known ENT specialists and medical doctors in Singapore, The Hearing Centre goals to provide the utmost skilled service to the neighborhood, offering hearing care and enhancing high quality of life.

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Contact The Hearing Centre to search out out concerning the in depth choice of hearing aids that’s supplied. Visit The Hearing Centre’s Facebook web page or Instagram web page to be taught extra enjoyable details about hearing aids. Book an appointment at the moment by calling 6474 2216 or WhatsApp at 9776 7615.

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