HBO Max bans account sharing like Netflix

Adiós A Hbo Max: El Servicio De Streaming Desaparecería Pronto Para Reducir Costes

Although Netflix has made it more than evident and; In addition, it has taken measures to persecute users, the truth is that it also HBO Max bans account sharingalthough without the shares of the company of the red N.

In fact, that restriction is not new, it has even been there forever and it specifies it at the time you signed up, yes, the problem is that we rarely take a few minutes to read the conditions of service and we just want to accept it to continue.

What HBO says about account sharing

It is not a restrictive action in which you must be within the same networkthat you must place a validation code that expires in minutes, neither does any lock screen appear when you try to play, let’s say that it is something more moral.

When signing up with an HBO Max account, you will have the option to add up to five authorized user profiles to enter the account, but only three of them can play content at the same time.

This makes it clear that you must limit the use of the account to those five profiles or devices, but it is not possible to do it with more people and it would be a violation of the subscription agreement.

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In the HBO Max terms of service, it notes thatOnly your relatives and people you live with can be authorized to use the accountthat is, those who are inside the home.

There is a phrase within the HBO Max terms of service that could be the key to how they would control shared accounts: “We can limit the maximum number of Authorized Users you can add” something that could be interpreted as that there would come a time when you cannot modify the authorized list.

It could happen that later incorporate a temporary code system that reaches the main email of the account, as it happens with Disney +, although at the moment they are only speculations.

but for now There is no statement, nor is there any information about any action that HBO Max can take to restrict the accounts. In fact, right now, it may represent an advantage for that platform in that you can still share profiles on the go without any restrictions.

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