Google Play Games for Windows is coming soon to Europe

Google Play Games For Windows Is Coming Soon To Europe

Windows PC users will soon be able to enjoy Android games on their computers thanks to Google Play Games, a free application that allows you to download and play a selection of mobile titles adapted to mouse and keyboard. Of course you can also play with USB or Bluetooth gamepads, which is a great hoot to enjoy certain titles.

Currently, Android games can be played on PC using emulators such as Bluestacks, although Google’s intention is that Play Games for Windows works more like a launcher or platform similar to the Epic Games Store, or Steam, but with games from android.

Google announced this project in December 2021 as part of The Game Awards and launched a beta version in the United States in early 2022. Now, the company has confirmed through its director Arjun Dayal, that Google Play Games for Windows will expand to Europe “in the coming months”although it has not specified an exact date or the countries that will be included.

A catalog that is still very “green”, for now only available in countries like Mexico and the United States

The catalog of games available on Google Play Games for Windows is still very limited, but it will continue to expand with new titles known as ‘Garena Free Fire’, ‘Ludo King’ or ‘MapleStory M‘. In addition, the application offers the possibility of synchronizing the game data between devices, being able to start a game on the mobile and continue it later from the PC.

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It has not yet been confirmed when Play Games for PC will arrive in Spain, although If you live in any of these 13 countries, such as Mexico, currently you can test the beta:

  • Australia, Brazil, Canada, South Korea, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Malaysia, Mexico, Philippines, Singapore, Thailand, Taiwan, and the United States.
Google Play Games For Windows Is Coming Soon To Europe

As we said, Google Play Games for PC will not be a simple emulator that will “swallow” any Android game that we put on it, but rather it will have to pass a minimum quality filter and ensure good performance. If Google does it right, the truth is that they can get a very interesting product.

Who knows, maybe after the failure of Stadia they have decided to pick up cable and focus on what they are good at, which is mobile gaming. Here they have an active user base of 2 billion a month, which is outrageous. Another thing is that they manage to transfer that user base to PC, but at least not to say that they are not trying.

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