Google Pixel 3 Phone Suitable In 2023? Check the Most Honest Review!

Google Pixel 3 Phone Suitable In 2023?  Check The Most Honest Review!

Last October 2018 Google released a mobile phone product. Google pixels 3 is the phone in question. What are the advantages of this Google-owned cellphone? Of course, the specifications of this cellphone are well made so that they can be used for a long time. To find out more complete information, see this article in full.

Basically, this phone is made for Smartfren Google that it operates with system Androids. You can use Google piscall to get cell phone camera which is of good quality. However, is the phone still work to use in 2023? Check out the review further below.

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Reviews Be honest about the Google Pixel 3 Phone

Google Pixel 3
Google Pixel 3

For those of you who don’t know information about Google phones, this is a complete explanation. As previously mentioned that Google Pixel 3 is cellphone which has been released by the parties Google itself. It’s just that, in Indonesia it does not exist shop the official Google Pixel phone.

Of course, this is not without reason, because not all countries have radar technology specifically used for the Google Pixel. Therefore, in Indonesia do not sell Google’s products. However, if you still want to use hp product Google Pixel will then be subject to import tax.

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The Latest Google Pixel 3 Specifications and Their Advantages

Google Pixel 3 Specifications
Google Pixel 3 Specifications

It could be said that Google Pixel 3 is an outdated phone. However, even so the phone is a Google product that is equipped with a good camera. However, currently mobile phone products from Google it gets better with your presence processor especially tensors.

It is known that the tensor itself is suitable for use on Google’s cellphones because its capabilities are considered good. for that, before you decide whether to use a cellphone from Google or not, it’s a good idea to first look at the detailed specifications as follows:

  • Battery

Google pixel products only use a small battery, which is 2900 mah. Thus, it can be said that this cellphone is not suitable for use in 2023. Because currently trending cellphones use battery starting from 4000mah.

  • Camera

Besides the battery, quality camera from Google Pixel phones are also not suitable for today. This is because the main camera of the Google Pixel phone itself is only 12 megapixels. While the front camera is only 5 megapixels. However, for those of you who rarely use camera then this phone is quite recommended.

  • Processor

Google Pixel phones currently still use a Qualcomm Snapdragon 855 processor. The Android system used is Android 9 which you can download updates until Android 12.

  • Displays Screen
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The Google pixel screen measures 5.5 inches so it’s just right to hold in your hand. The screen resolution is also HD Plus so it’s good enough. however, when compared to today’s cellphones, the Google pixel looks very small. This phone is only suitable for use by users who like mini-sized phones.

  • Memory

Google Pixel has an internal memory capacity of around 64GB with 4GB of RAM. These sizes can still be used today. However, of course, a larger internal memory size is more in demand today. Because storing various applications and files requires a memory capacity of 128 GB 4GB of RAM or more.

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Latest Google Pixel Prices

Latest Google Pixel Prices
Latest Google Pixel Prices

As information for you, currently Google Pixel can be obtained at prices ranging from 2 million to 19 million. Purchases can be made through e-commerce commonly used today, for example Shopee And Lazada. Currently, the price of Google Pixel has even dropped when compared to when it was first released.

The final word

Thereby reviews honest about Google pixel phones. Can be concluded that Google Pixel 3 is a cellphone that is not suitable for use today. However, if you are interested in a cellphone that has the specifications above then Google pixels could be one of the best references.

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