Free PC Software: The Ultimate List (Vol. 15)

Free Pc Software: The Ultimate List (Vol. 7)

Hello friends! We’re back for another month to expand our collection of recommended free software for PC with some of the most useful tools we can find to get the most out of our laptop or desktop computer.

Among the applications in this volume we find a local music player that can be synchronized with other cloud services, a tool for creating bootable USBs with various systems, a network traffic monitor and many other interesting things.

15 free programs for PC that you should try

Patch My PC: If you have a PC to which you have just installed Windows, take a look at this program. Patch My PC shows you a list of more than 300 applications where you can select the ones that interest you the most and the tool itself is in charge of installing them and keeping them always updated automatically. | Download from its official website

windy: A tool that allows you to create bootable USB flash drives with one or several operating systems (Linux, Windows). Later, when booting the USB you can choose which operating system to start from among all those that are installed. You can see a small guide on how it works HERE. | Download from its official website

portmaster: Free and open source firewall application with which you can block and prevent any application you have installed on your PC from communicating with an external server. It also allows you to choose between several alternative DNS servers such as those of Cloudflare or Quad9 to browse with greater privacy. | Download from its official website

Clementine: A complete local music player that also allows you to play songs from Google Drive or Dropbox, and from online platforms like Spotify, Soundcloud or Jamendo. | Download from its official website

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SumatraPDF: If you don’t want to open your PDFs from your browser, try this free reader. It is light, fast and is also available in a portable version. | Download from its official website

Obsidian: A writing and note-taking program with a lot of interesting functions to order ideas and texts through internal and external links and graphs that relate some documents to others. Something like a notepad raised to the nth degree. | Download from its official website

IrfanView: A simple image viewer that allows you to do some basic editing tasks, as well as multiple conversions of several files at the same time. It also includes the typical functions to cut, copy, draw, some filters and the option to modify the metadata of an image. | Download from its official website

MPV: A free and open source video player with a minimalistic design, support for a wide range of formats, scriptable, hardware decoding, and high-quality video output based on OpenGL, Vulkan, and D3D11. | Download from its official website

EssentialPIM: A productivity tool for those who need to organize themselves effectively. It has several modules: email, calendar, task lists, notes, contacts and passwords. It can be synchronized with Android/iPhone and also has a portable version to carry on a USB. | Download from its official website

Brackets: An open source text editor geared towards web designers and front-end developers. It stands out for being light and having several visual tools that facilitate the creative process. There is also a web version available called Phoenix Code Editor. | Download from its official website

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Lightworks Free: An impressive professional video editor with lots of advanced features, effects and transitions. In its free version it only allows you to export up to 720p, but it does not have a watermark and includes practically the same functions as the premium version. Perfect for those who are starting out in the world of publishing. Of course, to download the application you need to register. | Download from its official website

MediaInfo: A small open source program that shows you all the details and technical information of any audio or video file. Very useful for editors and multimedia professionals. | Download from its official website

ToDoList: A to-do list maker with an advanced interface and lots of configuration options. It allows you to create subtasks, add deadlines, priorities, assign task recipients, add tags, graphs, workload and more. | Download from its official website

GlassWire: Free application with which you can see who and how your internet connection is being used through simple graphs without too many technicalities. Perfect for detecting traffic spikes and abnormal behavior. | Download from its official website

biscuit: A productivity-oriented web browser that allows you to add web applications and online services on the side to easily work with them as if it were an app. In addition, each app works with individual sessions, which allows us to have several Twitter, Instagram or any other social network accounts and manage them separately. | Download from its official website

You can find more interesting programs for PC at:

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