[Fix] Flashdisk Empty But Full Capacity & No Files

Memperbaiki Flashdisk Kosong Tapi Kapasitas Penuh

UnliHow[Fix] Flashdisk Empty But Full Capacity & No Files

One of the problems that are often experienced by Flashdisk is an error in the description of the full storage capacity even though there are no files in it, aka it looks empty. Sometimes the storage capacity even looks 0 bytes. If it’s like this then we can no longer save files into it, and the Flashdisk becomes useless before it is repaired.

The most common cause of this problem is a virus that hides everything in it and makes the logical file system error so that it shows capacity that does not match the original. Usually the shortcut virus that most often causes this.

To overcome this is not difficult, on this occasion Technocentric will show you a solution that is quite powerful. The following are some ways to solve an empty but full Flashdisk.

1. Show hidden files

The first step that needs to be done before using other tricks is to try to show hidden files. Sometimes the flash drive is full but there are no files it can be caused by trivial things such as files that have a hidden attribute so they are not visible in explorer.

The method:

  1. Open file explorer
  2. Click on View menu > Options > Change folder and search options
  3. Click on the View tab
  4. Look in the Advanced settings section > check the Show hidden files, folders, and drives
  5. Click OK
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Show Hidden Files On Flash
[Fix] Flashdisk Empty But Full Capacity & No Files 10

After the hidden files are displayed you will see the files that were previously hidden, try to check whether the capacity is in accordance with the full capacity of your flash drive? If it does not match or even no files appear then do the next step.

2. Run a check disk via CMD

This empty but full capacity flash problem can also be caused by an error in the logical file system that causes Windows to not be able to detect the original capacity of the flash. To overcome this, we can use the check disk (chkdsk) tool in Windows. These tools can only be run via the command line in CMD.

The method:

  1. Open CMD with administrator access
  2. See the directory / drive letter of the flash drive, for example, the flash is in F
  3. Type command CHKDSK F: /f /r /x
    Press enter
    Fix Flash Error With Cmd
  4. You will see the scan process carried out and the errors on the flash drive
  5. The error will be fixed automatically
  6. Wait until the process is complete


  • F: is the location of the flash drive.
  • /f is a command to make repairs if an error occurs.
  • /r is a command to detect bad sectors on the disk and perform recovery.
  • /x is the command to dismount the disk you want to repair.
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Don’t forget to adjust the location of the flash according to the one on your PC or laptop. If successful then the capacity of the flash will look normal again.

3. Scan the flash with antivirus

To make sure the flash drive is clean from viruses, you can scan it using an antivirus such as Avast, Bitdefender, or Kaspersky. See if there is a virus detected, if there is remove the virus with an antivirus.

4. Show files hidden by virus

Viruses have the ability to hide files on the flash drive. Even though we have made the settings as in step number 1 earlier, the file is still not visible. To display the files hidden by the virus we can use the Command Prompt, follow the steps as below:

  1. Open Command Prompt with administrator access permission
  2. Type the directory / flash drive letter, for example the flash is in F then type F:
    If done correctly you will see the directory in CMD change to F:\>
    How To Solve Flash Disk No Files But Full
  3. Type the following command: attrib -s -h -r /s /d *.*
    Show Virus Hidden Files
  4. Press enter
  5. Wait until the scan process is complete
  6. Check again the flash via file explorer in Windows

After doing the above trick, all the files in the flash will be visible again. You just have to double-check whether the total size of the existing files is in accordance with the description of the capacity of the flash. Also delete files that are suspected of being viruses, usually viruses have strange names and have exe, vbs, and ink extensions.

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5. Use the disk partition application to reformat the flash drive

The final step if all of the above methods have not worked is to reformat the flash with the help of the partition manager application. The application that I recommend is AOMEI Partition Assistant which has been posted before, this application can also be used to check errors on the flash drive.

First download the application from here: AOME Partition Assistant

Once installed, open the application, there will be seen the disk on our computer including the flash. Right-click on the flash drive > select format partition > select File System FAT32 > OK

After formatting the flash drive will return to normal as before, but by doing this all files on it will be deleted. Those are some ways to deal with a full flash drive but there are no visible files in it, hope it helps.

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