• The CRITICAL_STRUCTURE_CORRUPTION message is a type of that accompanies the blue display
  • What are the potential options for the Blue Screen of Death BSOD problem?

More than as soon as we’ve got talked in regards to the blue display of dying, also referred to as the BSOD display. However, the blue display doesn’t outline particular however basic issues, after which you must examine them. With that being mentioned, whereas the Blue Screen of Death is all the time an issue, at present we will present you easy methods to resolve the CRITICAL_STRUCTURE_CORRUPTION message in case it accompanies the pc defect.

Basically, the blue display with the CRITICAL_STRUCTURE_CORRUPTION message seems because of essential kernel code or knowledge corruption, often associated to the boot technique of a pc. We may even affiliate the error or failure with the numbering 0x00000109 for identification.


Among the potential explanations for this impediment, we will point out some widespread ones, resembling drivers whose code has undergone adjustments, corrupted {hardware} components, or software program that performs actions that aren’t allowed. Regardless of what the particular reason behind the issue is, the options are usually the identical.

Fix Critical_Structure_Corruption 2

Solutions you must take into account

Remove incompatible gadgets

If you will have lately added any gadgets to your PC, they could be interfering with its operation. Make certain to take away any of them that may be inflicting the difficulty earlier than additional. You should do it from the Device Manager, proper click on, Uninstall gadget and restart.

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Run System File Checker and Deployment Imaging and Service Management

An straightforward approach to restore information that may be broken is to make use of the SFC and DISM instructions.. Both will probably be chargeable for scan your pc for broken information and restore them. Launching them is fairly easy from Command Prompt as administrator, after which these instructions:

sfc /scannow

If that exact command would not do something, you are able to do it with this one:

Dism /Online /Cleanup-Image /RestoreHealth

If there are broken information you will note details about the error and, if that’s the case, additionally run this command:


You might want to affirm the motion, and you’ll have completed with this trick.

Run Memory Diagnostics to search out out if there’s a {hardware} downside

Another approach to resolve the CRITICAL_STRUCTURE_CORRUPTION message is to verify what is occurring with the {hardware}, since we can not rule out that the blue display is because of one in all these laborious parts.

Windows has a built-in program known as Memory Diagnostic that’s there to scan your pc, checking that the {hardware} does every little thing it’s presupposed to doafter which exhibiting their conclusions.

  • Press Win + R to open Run, kind mdsched.exe and hit Enter
  • Select Restart now and verify for issues
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The pc will shut down and restart, and Memory Diagnostics will present you all of the conclusions obtained. Assuming one thing goes fallacious, you’ll have to change the half or contact whoever offered you the pc.

Update drivers

Out-of-date drivers might account for this screenshot, though that’s unlikely to be the trigger. Microsoft has improved the combination lots with the brand new updates, and nearly all the issues are gone. But if you happen to suppose that this can be the case, on this article we’ll present you easy methods to replace drivers on PC.

Run the blue display troubleshooter

You cannot not run Microsoft Online Blue Screen Troubleshooterin this link. Indeed, the solver will analyze the rationale for the blue display, to attempt to provide you with a solution.

Check system log in occasion viewer

The occasion viewer will can help you confirm if the system registry has any particular downside and thus detect it. That’s why, you must verify the BSOD log file in Event Viewer and attend to options.

Try a clear boot

The clear boot or clear boot on computer systems is key to do away with third-party app errors. You will simply do away with the errors if you happen to observe the steps that we’ve got taught you on this article about it.

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Repair system information utilizing set up media

Finally, if not one of the above has labored, your final resort is to restore your system information in one other approach. You must resort to the set up media that we use when the system picture is broken.

Have you been in a position to repair the CRITICAL_STRUCTURE_CORRUPTION blue display message that approach?

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