Find my iPhone: how to activate to find your mobile

Buscar Mi Iphone: Cómo Activar Para Encontrar Tu Móvil

If you have lost an Apple device, just use the app Search my Iphone with the latest version of iOS with the same Apple ID to find mobile. By having this application active, you will be able to rest easy if you cannot find your device, because you will be able to know exactly where it is and how far it is from you.

Who has not wondered if they have left their mobile at home or have lost it? Who has not searched their pockets over and over again to later find their phone in the car? For the most clueless, this application can be a real blessing, and also can help if your mobile has been stolen.

How does it work? very simple, just you have to have an Apple ID. Here’s how to turn on Find My iPhone.

Activate “Find my iPhone” on your mobile

Image - Find My Iphone: How To Activate To Find Your Mobile

There are several options that you have to take into account when activating this application. Sharing location will make yourlet friends and family know where you aresomething that can be very useful if you are lost and about to run out of battery.

To see your device even if you are offline, turn on “Find my network”. To have your device’s location sent to Apple when the battery is low, turn on Send Last Location.

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The “Find my network” network it is an encrypted and anonymous network of hundreds of millions of Apple devices that can help you locate your device.

If you like be able to find your lost device on a mapmake sure location services are turned on.

To do this, follow this path:

Settings -> Privacy and security -> Location services

And finally, to find your iPhone follow this route:

Settings -> Apple ID -> Find My iPhone

Access Find My iPhone on your Mac or in iCloud

Image - Find My Iphone: How To Activate To Find Your Mobile

Once you have activated this application on your phone or once you have lost the device, you will have to enter from your Mac to the iCloud page. Once there you will have to activate the application, in a very simple way, with your Apple username and password.

Follow this path:

Apple Menu > System Settings -> Apple ID > Find My iPhone -> Activate

Web: iCloud

Play a sound on your lost iPhone

Image - Find My Iphone: How To Activate To Find Your Mobile

you may carry looking in the same place over and over again the phone and you can’t find it, it may be night and there is not enough light, or you may suspect that it is under the sofa, and unfortunately, you have left it silent. Be that as it may, calling is not going to work.

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To solve these types of problems, This application allows you to play a sound on your mobile. Even if the device is disconnected from the Internet, you will know it, because it will mark pending sound and an email will be sent to your Apple ID.

To make ring your iPhone follow this route from another iOS device, a Mac, or in iCloud through the browser:

Devices -> Device name -> Play sound

Lost mode, lock your iPhone

Image - Find My Iphone: How To Activate To Find Your Mobile

Additionally, this application also allows you interesting options to try to recover your mobile, the first being the most common: lock the iphone. By locking the phone you prevent it from being used and preserve your personal information.

As if this were not enough, you can delete all data that are on your device, the problem is that once this operation is done you will no longer be able to find it through Find My iPhone.

And, in addition, the application allows you to try contact the person who has the phone. In the event that, for example, you have left your cell phone in a taxi, you can have the phone number you want them to contact appear on the screen of your iPhone along with a message.

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Conclusion, Having the Find My iPhone application active is essential to be calm, since its multiple options allow you to find the phone if it is lost in most cases, or at least make it easier for you to block it and not risk your contacts or personal data.

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