everyone can enjoy it without waiting

Everyone Can Enjoy It Without Waiting

Everyone can now take advantage of GPT-4, the new version of the language model that powers Microsoft’s AI. It can be accessed from any web browser, without going through a waiting list. Manual !

With its new chatbot, Microsoft has managed to attract the attention of users, whether on PC, Android smartphone or iPhone. Indeed, downloads of the Bing application had been multiplied by ten in the world, at the beginning of February, following the presentation of Microsoft, even though its AI was available only by invitation in the United States – France has since had access. Quite a feat, given that Google owns around 90% of the industry share. And the Redmond firm does not intend to stop there. It has indeed just revealed that Bing AI is powered by GPT-4, the brand new version of its language model, the “engine” behind the revolutionary AI ChatGPT!, This will allow it to attract even more users, especially since everyone can now benefit from it! Until now, Bing AI could only be used on request by developers or by the general public by registering on a waiting list. This is no longer the case! All you have to do is go to the search engine, log into your Microsoft account to access the AI. In the event that Bing still asks the user to join a waiting list, simply accept to automatically have access to it, without any waiting. Note that it is mandatory to go through Edge to discuss with artificial intelligence. By doing it from another browser, Bing automatically redirects to Microsoft Edge.

Everyone Can Enjoy It Without Waiting

Bing AI: artificial intelligence arrives in Windows 11

But Bing and Edgde are not the only means to be able to converse with the AI. Indeed, the Moment 2 update of Windows 11 has brought some new features to the Microsoft system (read our article). If there are some improvements – not all of great use – we also see that Microsoft has every intention of propelling its conversational robot Bing AI into the spotlight in order to encourage its use. To achieve this, the publisher has found no better place than the search field of the Windows taskbar. After a few clicks, you will be able to access Bing AI which, remember, combines the indexing of the in-house Bing search engine with the artificial intelligence of ChatGPT in order to offer content that is sometimes creative and sometimes purely informational. So, while current knowledge of ChatGPT does not go beyond the year 2021, Bing AI can answer current questions.

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If you have not yet installed the Windows 11 Moment 2 update, nothing prevents you from testing the performance of Bing AI all the same since it is accessible online through any web browser (and therefore not necessarily the Edge browser) but also from the Big app available for android And iOS. But beware: you will need to have obtained access from Microsoft. This is given to you after your registration – free – on waiting list (Bing AI is still in the testing phase) after a few days. Once granted access, you will be able to converse with Bing AI freely… or almost. Indeed, after having suffered some setbacks at the very beginning of the adventure with Internet users who were a little too curious, Bing AI currently limits conversations to a maximum of six exchanges. Beyond that, the conversation context must be deleted to restart a new exchange. Bing AI therefore does not keep track of what you have asked it before and what it has replied to you. It’s a bit frustrating.

How do I start a conversation with Bing AI?

Now that everyone can access Bing AI without having to wait, here’s how to put the chatbot to the test.

From Windows with the Moment 2 update

► If you have installed the Windows 11 Moment 2 update, click on the search field of the taskbar now flanked by the Bing logo. The search menu opens. Click on the logo Bing top right.

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► The Edge browser then opens (even if it is not your default browser). At the top left of the page, two options are available: To research (which corresponds to the traditional Bing search engine) and Conversation which makes way for the chatbot. In the field at the bottom of the page, you can start the conversation with a question. This must not exceed 2000 characters.

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► With a topical question, Bing AI responds with precision and attempts to jump-start the conversation in context.

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► You can then ask other questions or statements (in the same context). You are entitled to 6 questions and therefore 6 answers. Depending on your wishes, you can ask Bing to provide creative, balanced or precise answers by clicking on one of the three modes offered. Once all six interactions have been reached, click on the broom icon to reset the conversation. Its context will not be remembered. You will have to start from scratch.

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From any web browser

► If you have not installed the Moment 2 update, open your favorite web browser and go to Bing’s page. Identify yourself with your Microsoft account in order to access the chatbot.

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► Once identified, reload the page. It now displays Microsoft’s chatbot with a field for your question. Here, for some strange reason, it must not exceed 1,000 characters. Enter your question and validate.

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► By default, the Bing search engine then takes over and displays the results in the traditional way. Click on the link at the top left of the page Conversation. The robot then answers the question and tries to restart the conversation.

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► Fun (or worrying?) fact: while we had asked the same question for the first time concerning the eliminated candidates from the new season of M6’s Top Chef show started on 1er March, the robot had given an erroneous answer (the given names do not correspond to anyone).

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