Err_response_headers_multiple_content_disposition: Sorted

Err_response_headers_multiple_content_disposition error can provide the worst expertise. But don’t fear since you’re not alone as a result of because it’s a pesky downside that most of the customers have encountered sooner or later or one other.Err Response Headers Multiple Content Disposition

Thus, this submit talks in regards to the issues that set off this error and the options to get rid of it. So, proceed studying to seek out out what this error message is all about and how one can repair it as soon as and for all.

Why Does the err_response_headers_multiple_content_disposition Occur?

The err_response_headers_multiple_content_disposition obtain error happens because of a number of content-disposition headers within the HTTP response in your browser. Also, misconfigured server settings or an incompatibility between the browser and the web site could make the identical error pop up in your display.

– Multiple Content-Disposition headers within the HTTP response

The first chance for the given error is a number of Content-Disposition headers within the HTTP response. The Content-Disposition header in an HTTP response tells browsers learn how to deal with information being despatched from the server. Although the knowledge it provides is necessary, piled up info aren’t accepted.

According to this, if a number of Content-Disposition headers are included in the identical response, then it’ll create confusion for the browser resulting in the error. You can give it some thought this manner. You are driving to your new workplace.

As you don’t know in regards to the location of the workplace, you open a map in your telephone. Next, you open one other map in your automotive LCD focusing on a unique location. Now, each the maps will let you know about totally different areas, complicated your thoughts about the place you need to make the following flip.

– Misconfigured Server Settings

The second potential purpose behind err_response_headers_multiple_content_disposition is the misconfigured server settings. This will occur when one thing’s off about the way in which a server that’s sending information out has been arrange. It confuses your browser and it show an error message.Err Response Headers Multiple Content Disposition Causes

You can join this problem with a scenario the place you arrive late to a celebration since you didn’t have the precise handle. The scenario is analogous as a result of a wrongly configured server will by no means present appropriate info that can assist the browser to show the anticipated outcomes.

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The mentioned server will work like a deceptive handle which finally ends up nowhere. You can say that it’s going to let you know to achieve residence quantity 14 when there are solely 13 residences within the constructing. Based on such an handle, you’ll by no means attain your required location. The similar case will occur with the browser when it will get info from a misconfigured server.

– Incompatibility Between the Browser and the Website

There could be an incompatibility between the browser and the web site, which might result in errors just like the response headers a number of content material tendencies error. It would possibly occur because of an outdated or incompatible browser attempting to entry a specific web site or web sites.

The greatest analogy for that is attempting to play a online game on the mistaken platform. Although the sport seems to be comparable, all of the controls are simply off, and also you don’t get wherever. The mentioned type of mismatch sends complicated alerts to your browser and leads to errors being displayed.

Furthermore, it will be useful to think about the position of cache and cookies within the efficiency of the browser. Having piled up cache for quite a lot of web sites isn’t a very good follow and might lead you to the mentioned error. Also, this is the reason you’re really helpful to clear up the cache when you may’t open a specific net web page in your browser.

How To Fix Err_response_headers_multiple_content_disposition Error?

You can repair the err_response_headers_multiple_content_disposition error by making certain that the server-side is sending just one code, checking the Moodle plugin settings, or accurately organising the S3 bucket coverage. Moreover, you may rethink the PHP or Java code to repair the error.

– Take a have a look at Moodle Plugin Settings

If you’re utilizing Moodle and getting the err_response_headers_multiple_content_disposition Moodle error when attempting to obtain a file, it could be due to a plugin or module that’s answerable for the obtain. Thus, you’ll must examine the plugin’s settings or module.

So, all that you simply’ll must do is to go to the Moodle plugin settings, look by way of the totally different choices, and be certain that it’s arrange accurately. Remember that the method ought to embrace ensuring that the given plugin is sending just one Content-Disposition header. Once you appropriate the settings, you’ll see the error go away.

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– Check the S3 Bucket Policy

If you’re encountering the s3 err_response_headers_multiple_content_disposition whereas utilizing Amazon S3, the problem could be with the S3 bucket coverage. To repair it, you’ll want to try the S3 bucket coverage and ensure it’s arrange proper.

Note that it will be greatest to confirm that the bucket coverage is permitting the right permissions for downloading the file. Without setting appropriate permissions, it gained’t be attainable to repair the said error.

– Clear Browser Cache and Cookies in Microsoft Edge

If you’re utilizing Microsoft Edge and getting this err_response_headers_multiple_content_disposition in Edge when attempting to obtain a file, the rationale could be some funky cache or cookie points. In the presence of lots of cache and cookies, the browser won’t be capable to carry out usually.Err Response Headers Multiple Content Disposition Fixes

Therefore, to kind out the above error, you’ll must clear your browser cookies and cache, after which strive downloading the file once more. That manner, the browser may have the freshest info when attempting to obtain the file and gained’t trigger any errors to show off your temper.

– Check the Code Sending the File in PHP

If you’re encountering an error in PHP, the issue could be with the code answerable for sending the file. As informed earlier, the code ought to solely ship one Content-Disposition header, but when it’s sending extra, the browser will present the err_response_headers_multiple_content_disposition PHP error.

To resolve the problem, you’ll must rethink the code within the PHP file answerable for sending the header. If you may see that it’s sending multiple header, you’ll must tweak the code in such a manner that it passes just one header, reducing the basis reason behind the mentioned errorr.

– Double-check Your Java Code

In case you’re encountering the err_response_headers_multiple_content_disposition Java, the issue could be with the code answerable for sending the file. Similar to the scenario mentioned for the PHP code, the Java code ought to ship just one Content-Disposition header to the browser.

If the PHP code sends a number of headers, the browser will present the err_response_headers_multiple_content_disposition error, and nothing will be capable to resolve it apart from the code itself. So, all that you simply’ll must do is to alter the Java code and make it ship just one header. After tweaking the code and saving the modifications, the error will disappear.

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1. Is the Err_response_headers_multiple_content_disposition Common?

Yes, the err_response_headers_multiple_content_disposition error is widespread. However, it’s attainable that you simply haven’t heard about it lots of instances. It is as a result of the given error isn’t as widespread as different errors that happen each different day and badly influence your day at work.

2. Is the err_response_headers_multiple_content_disposition Harmful?

No, the err_response_headers_multiple_content_disposition isn’t dangerous as a result of it doesn’t do any everlasting injury to your system or browser. However, it may be fairly annoying for those who’re attempting to entry sure web sites or functions and are unable to do it because of the similar error.

3. How To Prevent err_response_headers_multiple_content_disposition?

You can forestall the err_response_headers_multiple_content_disposition by double-checking your server configuration and ensuring there aren’t any further headers added that shouldn’t be there. Also, be certain that your entire browser updates are utilized promptly and clear your browser cache often.


The err_response_headers_multiple_content_disposition error is a hard problem that may rapidly break down communication between your net browser and the server. Here’s a fast recap of what we mentioned on this information:

  • This error happens when two or extra Content-Disposition headers are current within the response from the server, complicated the browser.
  • Poorly coded components on the server, deeply nested URLs, improper coding, or failed requests from earlier web page hundreds can all trigger this error.
  • Check for further components in your server configuration that could be inflicting a number of headers to look.
  • You can strive disabling any plugins or modifications which may be inflicting a difficulty.
  • Contacting knowledgeable for assist can be a good suggestion to take care of the error.

Always keep in mind that the extra you get proper with the server and plugin settings, the less instances the given error will pop up in your system ensuing as a a lot smoother expertise.

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