ElectricBrands unveils a motorhome version of its Xbus

Electricbrands Unveils A Motorhome Version Of Its Xbus

German automaker ElectricBrands has just unveiled Camper, a new version of its XBUS electric van perfect for camping.

ElectricBrands is a German electric vehicle startup whose XBUS concept was introduced last year. It is a versatile vehicle with an innovative concept since it is adjustable according to your wishes. Declined a few months ago in a “family” version, the “camping” version newly unveiled has been specially designed for camping enthusiasts. By offering this 100% electric light vehicle, the German manufacturer wishes to meet the challenges of mobility and new environmental standards, all at affordable prices.

ElectricBrands unveils a small modular motorhome

With less than 4 meters long and 1.69 m wide, the Xbus camper is undoubtedly one of the smallest motorhomes on the market but also one of the most light (450 to 600 kg only). Although it is a concept for now, the introduction of this new variant could prove to be even more practical than the original minivan.

Electricbrands Presents Camper, The New Version Of Its Xbus
Electricbrands Presents “Camper” The New Version Of Its Xbus With Only 4 Meters Long And 1.69 M Wide

Despite its small size, the compact Xbus motorhome offers a bed for two people (with an extension of the rear part), while offering amenities like a space-saving, fully-equipped kitchen with a sink, fridge, hob, TV and even a fresh water tank. Like the original XBUS, the roof of the camper version is fitted with three-module solar panels.

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The Xbus Compact Motorhome Offers Sleeping Accommodation For Two People
The Kitchen Is Small But Very Functional

Approved in category L7e (electric heavy quadricycle), the xBus can reach the maximum speed of 100 km/h. It has 4 motors integrated into the wheels for a total power of 15 kW and 56 kW peak. Although the homologation limits the maximum power of the vehicle, this is without power limitation: ElectricBrands promises around 1200 Nm of torque !

Up to 600 km of autonomy for the Xbus Camper

ElectricBrands Announcement a consumption of only 5kWh/100 km in the city. The motors of this small motorhome are powered by a series of 8 x 1.25 kWh lithium-ion batteries (i.e. 10 kWh in total) under 72 Volts, making it possible to offer 200 kilometers of range. two packs optional of 30 kWh can be added and allow for their up to 600 km range.

The battery is compatible with slow charging on 10A household socket Where industrial 16A. For the latter, it will take about 3 hours to charge 10 kWh. As with the Xbus model, it’s a safe bet that the Camper version incorporates optional 11 kW charger.

While the start-up is currently looking to deliver initial orders for its XBUS for next year, it looks like the “Camper” version is already high on the list of booked reservations. The standard version is displayed at €29,727.13 about the “all-terrain” version is a bit more expensive and available from €31,946.22.

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