Elden Ring Item Discovery – Must See 2023 Update

Elden Ring Item Discovery – Must See 2023 Update

Trying to find items or tools to ease combat or take over the world is one of the most challenging aspects of Alden Ring. Therefore, you need weapons and armor to resist enemy attacks.

Although you can work for some wealth, it takes a lot of effort.

But in true FromSoftware fashion, it’s hard to simplify the game. You can spend hours looking for a specific item you need or a part to complete your installation.

It feels like you’re trying to get a little drop from enemies, but it takes longer after you fail. This is because your discovery state is low. With a high detection mode, you can find much less objects.

This periodic search has led users to wonder if there is any technology in the game that can speed up the search.

Why do Alden Ring enemies drop any loot or loot?

How To Solve Elden Ring Enemies &Amp; Bosses Are Not Dropping Loot
I think it’s too low to fail. In previous Souls games, opponents used to group together so you could kill 6 knights in a row, but now you have less points and less enemies.

They may have to change the drop rate, although it’s better to create a new character when they have a good weapon, as it now takes days of continuous cultivation to get +3.

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How to increase the drop rate in Alden Ring

The detection rate in the Alden Ring is a mechanism that determines how quickly things slow down. The higher this number, the more common symptoms you will find. You can’t put numbers directly into it, but there are ways to make it bigger.

First, Discovery State is a game with your Arcane State. If your Arcane is at 99, you can increase your Discovery to 199. This is a reasonable position, but not in arcane scenarios because it depends on the arcane.

If you can’t stand the Arcanum, don’t worry; There are other ways to improve the item drop rate in Alden Ring.

Fortunately, the Alden ring has two items that increase the number of items, making it easier to find what you’re looking for.

The first is the Silver Pickled Prowl Foot, a tool that increases item acquisition by 50 for three minutes. You can eat and then go out and look for something or things you are looking for.

The silver scarab, the amulet you wear, is another.

The Silver Scarab is better than the Silver Pickle Bone at gathering items, increasing it by 75 points. It can be used and removed as desired. This means that you must equip the amulet every time you want to catch enemies. After finishing farming you can unlock it.

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To find the Silver Scarab, travel to Rold’s Great Elevator in the Forbidden Land. To get to the Holy Ice Plains, you must first find the secret passage to Haligtree instead of Grace.

How To Increase Item Drop Rate In Elden Ring

A silver pickle bone was purchased in return. Of course, being able to produce something is the best way to achieve it. Killing Gostock in Stormwell Castle is a quick and easy way to obtain large items.

This is the NPC that appears behind Margit, and you can choose between opening the door and following the previous path to the castle.

If you decide to kill the Gostok and loot their bodies, the twin orbs on the round table will sell you a Silver Pickle Leg.

To make the Silver Pickled Bones, you must first acquire the Mission Cookbook (3). This cookbook can be seen at Smoldering Church in North East Calaid/West Limgrave.

When you enter Calaid of Limgrave, it’s southeast of Minor Erdtree.

You can find a cookbook on a corpse in a burning church, which you can loot to add a missionary cookbook (3) to your collection.

Now that you have the recipe book, you can go to the Recipes menu and find the recipe for Pickled Silver Legs. Here are the ingredients needed to make a silver pickle:

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3 poached eggs 1 silver plate 4 chicken thighs

These items aren’t too hard to get, but the raven’s quadrupeds can present some difficulties. You must kill and loot eagles or turtles to keep this item.

Eagles can be found all over the world, although penguin-like cows are usually found in West Limgrave or Dragon Communion Church.

If you want to loot quadrupeds, it is best to breed marmots as they have a 25% chance to drop the item.

With all other materials you can make silver legs and eat them. To take full advantage of the improved drop rate, you must kill as many enemies as possible within the three minute window that the item is active.


It was all about solving the Ring of Fire. Enemies and bosses do not drop loot or increase item drop rate in Ring of Fire. I hope this article helped you to solve your problems. If this happens, let your friends know too and enjoy the game.

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