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First to surface, WhatsApp Plus was officially developed by Official Plus. However, for some reason, the developer decided to stop this cool project.

Fortunately, there are other developers who continue the struggle of WhatsApp Plus, namely Fouad Mods and several similar developers. That way, feature updates and bug fixes don’t have to be a worry anymore.

Well, for those of you who want to try one of these types of WhatsApp MOD, calm down first. On this occasion, I will guide you on how to download and install WhatsApp Plus.

WhatsApp Plus Features

Whatsapp Plus
Download The Latest Whatsapp Plus Official [Anti Banned] 16

Currently, the latest version of WhatsApp Plus is always updated regularly. In this version, you will get cool features that the original WhatsApp does not have. For more details, here are the details:

Feature WhatsApp Plus WhatsApp
Number of letters in status 255 characters 139 characters
Medium size 50 MB 15 MB
Hide last seen Yes Yes
Long Status Yes No
Copy status Yes No
Share documents in PDF or text Yes No
Language support 45 130
Sending a blank message Yes No
Change theme Yes No

The features in the table above are only a few, yes, for other features that are quite similar to WhatsApp Aero, you can try it right away by downloading and installing WhatsApp Plus first.

Download WhatsApp Plus

This WhatsApp Plus download link will always be updated as long as the Fouad WhatsApp Team and other developers update it. So, when there is a new application update, you can download it via the link I provided.

Oh yes, just for info, the download server for this application is on the official website. No need to worry about ads because you will not see any ads, you will be directed directly to the download link.

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Well, here are some variants of WhatsApp Plus that were developed by several developers. Please select the variant that best suits your needs. I’m sorting these preferences based on my personal judgment.

WhatsApp Plus by Fouad Mods

Download Whatsapp Plus Fouadmods
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At first, Fouad Mods did not develop the WhatsApp Plus application. However, recently, I noticed there list The new WhatsApp variant on the official website is Fouad Mods Website.

The application in question is WhatsApp Plus, more precisely Blue WhatsApp Plus. The version offered is also the same as the version of another application that he also developed (v9.25). So, you can be sure the application is cool.

For those of you who want to try this application from Fouad Mods, please download it directly via the link below. Regarding the appearance and features provided, you don’t need to doubt the quality of Fouad Mods.

App Name WhatsApp Plus
Developer Fouad Mods
Version 9.25 (Latest Version)
Size 51.76 MB
Android 5.0+
Last updated March 5, 2022
Tested Samsung J7 Pro

WhatsApp Plus by HeyMods

1650463873 169 Download The Latest Whatsapp Plus Official Anti Banned
Download The Latest Whatsapp Plus Official [Anti Banned] 18

Not long ago, a relatively new WhatsApp Plus developer appeared, namely HeyMods. Perhaps, at this time the popularity of this one developer has skyrocketed because the modification application is really cool.

Not only cool in terms of appearance and features, yes. HeyMods also provides support in the form of application updates very quickly. So, you don’t have to worry about your WhatsApp Plus being expired.

Oh yes, just now I also tried the latest version (19.32.0) with Samsung J7 Pro. Honestly, like I said before, the app is really cool. Interested? Please directly download and install on your cellphone.

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App Name WhatsApp Plus
Developer HeyMods
Version 19.32.0 (Latest Version)
Size 53.83 MB
Android 5.0+
Last updated 22 March 2022
Tested Samsung J7 Pro

WhatsApp Plus by Sam Mods

Download Whatsapp Plus Sammods
Download The Latest Whatsapp Plus Official [Anti Banned] 19

For users of the MOD application, you may already be familiar with Sam Mods, a very famous developer of various modification applications with hundreds of thousands of members in the Telegram group.

One of the applications developed by Sam Mods is WhatsApp Plus. In the past, I was a WhatsApp Plus user from Sam Mods. However, I don’t use it anymore.

The reason is simple, actually, because the development of this application is somewhat lacking, especially in terms of updates. So, in this article I also temporarily disable the download link, until the application updates again.

App Name WhatsApp Plus
Developer Sam Mods
Version 10.90 (Latest Version)
Size 38.49 MB
Android 5.0+
Last updated January 26, 2022
Tested Samsung J7 Pro

Important: If the WhatsApp Plus application above cannot run smoothly, please inform me via comments, I will update it soon.

How to Install WhatsApp Plus

No need to worry when you experience a failed WhatsApp Plus install. Actually, the way to solve it is quite easy, almost similar to YoWhatsApp, namely by giving permission to install unknown applications.

Here’s how:

  1. Open the app Arrangement on your HP.
  2. After entering settings, please select Biometrics and security. On that page, select menu Install unknown apps.Download Whatsapp Plus
  3. Because I want to install from file manager, please select My file. Activate app permissions with a click toggle on the right.Wa Plus
  4. Done.

The steps above I practiced on the Samsung J7 Pro. For those that look different, in essence you only need to activate unknown source on settings security. Very simple.

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Anti Banned Tips

To anticipate the occurrence of banned WhatsApp Plus, there are tips that you must do. It’s actually very simple, you just need to make sure the app you’re using is the latest version.

Here’s how:

  1. On WhatsApp Plus, please open Plus Settings.
  2. After that, select Update then click Check for updates.
  3. If there is an update, please click Web Download Then download the application on the website.Whatsapp Plus Official
  4. Next, install the application as usual.
  5. Done.

So, it’s very natural that WhatsApp Plus has the potential to be banned. This is because WhatsApp Official does not allow the use of unauthorized applications.

Well, the best anticipation so that WhatsApp Plus is not banned is by updating the application, as explained above. This also applies to all MOD applications, including GBWhatsApp and other WhatsApp variants.

When updating WhatsApp Plus, you don’t need to uninstall the previous application. Just download and install (overwrite) the old application with the new application.

Alternatives to Update WhatsApp Plus

On this blog, the WhatsApp Plus application will be updated regularly, following the official developer. So, you can update through this website. I can confirm that the latest WhatsApp Plus application can run smoothly (tested).

Here’s how:

  1. Visit to check for WhatsApp Plus updates.
  2. If there is the latest version, please download the application via the download button provided above.
  3. Do the installation directly (overwrite the application), no need to uninstall the previous application.
  4. Done.

Special attention

With the anti-ban tips above, I can’t guarantee that your WhatsApp Plus is really 100% safe. The reason is, WhatsApp Official can patrol WhatsApp MOD users at any time.

Therefore, my advice, use WhatsApp Plus for your second number only. Because if you use the main number, it is feared that a permanent ban will occur so that the number cannot be used anymore.

I do testing The RA WhatsApp above uses the second number, while I installed the main number on the original WhatsApp. I do this so that my main account remains safe and can be used forever.

You can read references about banned WhatsApp accounts at WhatsApp Help Center.

That’s the article that I can convey about WhatsApp Plus. Hopefully it can be useful and provide an overview regarding how to install and how to anticipate being banned.

WhatsApp Plus Similar Applications

That’s the whole content of our article this time about Download the Latest WhatsApp Plus Official [Anti Banned]

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