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Warnet Simulator Apk

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Warnet Simulator Apk is a game that will simulate an internet cafe, so you can have a virtual internet cafe before making it real.

Internet cafes or internet cafes at that time was a cool place to surf the internet. I remember in the early 2000s when the internet was still minimal and Warnet was the best place to spend the weekend playing online games.

But in fact, nowadays the capacity of internet cafes has completely changed, if you want to create a busy internet cafe, of course the computer specs must also be high, because now almost everyone has their own PC/laptop and internet.

So if your internet cafe has high specs, of course all heavyweight games can be run, and not everyone has a PC/Laptop with high specs. But capital cafes like this are not cheap.

If you want to try starting an internet cafe business, there’s nothing wrong with trying one of these games called Warnet Simulator Apk.

What is Warnet Simulator Apk ?

Broadly speaking Warnet Simulator Apk is a Warnet simulation game, where my friend will be the owner of an internet cafe in the game.

You will be responsible for the internet cafe that you manage, of course you will open it from a small class internet cafe, and the challenge is you have to make this internet cafe big and successful.

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Cyber ​​Cafe Simulator Apk Features

This Internet Cafe simulation game has several features that are quite fun to play. You can see it below.

Build Your Own Computer

To start opening an internet cafe business in this game, you are required to build a computer that you will rent yourself, starting with installing a computer for rent yourself.

There are many Characters in Town

You can interact with other characters in the city, so you don’t feel lonely and play alone, right?

Pay Security

In this game, you really have to pay a security guard for security, because there is a character named Bomby ready to destroy your color business. So please be careful.

Keep the Kids

You also have to keep children away so that customers don’t bother them. Pliss, children usually like to skip internet cafes, so it’s best to get rid of them first.

Power outage

In this game there are often power outages, so you have to be prepared to fix them so that the business continues. Electricity is a vital part of the internet cafe business.

Internet Off

Who would have thought that even though it’s just a Warnet Simulator, there are times when the internet connection dies or an error occurs, so you have to be responsive to contact a technician so that the internet can return to normal.

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Mini Games

In this simulator cafe, there are also mini games, so if you are bored with taking care of the internet cafe, you can play mini games in it. And there are many other features that you can play, including exploring the city.

Download the Latest Warnet Simulator Apk

So for those of you who want to try playing the internet cafe simulator apk, we provide a direct download link including the apk file. Of course, we recommend that you download it via the Google Play Store because it’s safer.

Name Internet Cafe Simulator APK
Version 2.4.1 (56)
Updated 12 April 2022
Developer Studio Weekend
IDENTIFICATION com.Weekend.WarnetSimulator
Install 1,000,000+
Category Games, Simulation

Download Warnet Sumulator apk via apkcombo

For information, this Warnet Simulator Game was developed by a developer called Weekend Studio, this game has been downloaded by more than 1 million people and is getting pretty good reting.

Video Game Play Warnet Simulator

So for those of you who are curious about how to play the game from Warnet Simulator apk, you can watch this video made by a Youtuber named Windah Basudara, you can find out how to play this game so it’s easier to start the game.

The final word

How do you already know this Warnet Simulator apk game, right? If you’re curious, just download and play the game. If you feel entertained with this game, please share it on the comments page below.

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