Download Pre-Patched Pokemon TCG: Neo GBC ROM

Download Pre-Patched Pokemon Tcg: Neo Gbc Rom

Download Pre-Patched Pokemon TCG: Neo GBC ROM

  • Creator: Cataclyptic
  • Version: Completed v1.03
  • Hack of: TCG
  • Updated: February 9, 2023
  • Language: English

Pokemon TCG: Neo is a GBC Rom Hack by Cataclyptic based mostly on Pokemon TCG in English. And It is now obtainable to obtain. It was final up to date on February 9, 2023.


Pokemon Tcg: Neo
Download Pre-Patched Pokemon Tcg: Neo Gbc Rom 12

This hack, Pokémon TCG Neo, is an almost full overhaul of the bottom sport when it comes to battling. Why? Because all of the era 1 playing cards on this sport have been changed with era 2 playing cards, every thing has been balanced.

Featuring your favorites from Neo Genesis all the best way to Skyridge, so many playing cards have been added and changed that it’s utterly modified the best way this sport is performed. Pokémon, assaults, skills, and even a couple of coach playing cards had been altered to create a brand new battling expertise. If you’re searching for a TCG hack with all-new pokémon playing cards, look no additional and obtain the hyperlink under.

If you aren’t searching for a brand new solution to play the outdated TCG, see the directions under.

You should play the sport anyway as a result of I labored actually exhausting on it for months


As beforehand acknowledged, all 187 pokémon on this sport have been changed by era 2 playing cards from real-life units. This completes the true Johto Pokedex, with some Kanto Pokémon thrown into the combination. These playing cards’ assaults and skills both replicate their real-life counterparts, come near them, or I ignored them for a greater assault. Trainer playing cards have additionally been altered, however not as extensively. In specific, although, Super Energy Removal is now not within the sport, having been changed by Master Ball.

Pokemon Tcg: Neo
Download Pre-Patched Pokemon Tcg: Neo Gbc Rom 13

Everything on this sport has been balanced. Cards that I assumed had been weak obtained buffs, and playing cards that I assumed had been too robust obtained nerfs. In basic: Pokémon, particularly developed Pokémon, acquired extra highly effective, whereas coach playing cards turned much less highly effective. Games will now be extra targeted on the pokémon and never the trainers, giving new methods to pursue!

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As 95% of the playing cards on this sport are totally different, the dialogue, trades, and textual content within the sport have additionally been altered to replicate that distinction. In specific, there are actually solely 7 promo playing cards and EVERY card within the sport is obtainable, so deck construct to your coronary heart’s content material; no extra Card Pop holding you again from key playing cards.

Pokemon Tcg: Neo
Download Pre-Patched Pokemon Tcg: Neo Gbc Rom 14

Speaking of which, each single NPC deck has been altered. Some even use utterly totally different methods. This can be true for the auto deck machines, of which I largely simply stuffed with concepts for enjoyable decks that I had and the boss’s decks. One minor observe: You can get the Imakuni? card after beating him 2 and 4 occasions as a substitute of the three and 6 within the base. Another notable trainer- the man who desires to steal your entire vitality cards- now not does so as a result of that was annoying. You can now get a promo by being good to him.

Pokemon Tcg: Neo
Download Pre-Patched Pokemon Tcg: Neo Gbc Rom 15

Finally, the tutorial duel has been eradicated. I’m going to imagine you all know the way to play the cardboard sport; thereby letting you skip the tutorial and go straight into the enjoyable. The dialogue for studying the sport has been unaltered, so use that when you should.

The Art Style

Pokemon Tcg: Neo
Download Pre-Patched Pokemon Tcg: Neo Gbc Rom 16

All of the brand new artwork on this sport was executed by me (Cataclyptic). I wished to have a distinct really feel from the bottom sport, so as a substitute of utilizing largely black and white + 2 colours, I attempted to make every Pokémon as colourful as attainable. This is my choice, so I’m sticking to it. If you desire a poster of all of the sprites, it may be seen right here (Spoilers for in-game playing cards)

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Previous Versions

Known Bugs & Glitches

I can’t do something about these, however all of them solely minorly have an effect on gameplay, so it’s superb. If any of you understand how to repair them or what’s occurring, be happy to remark under.

  • Acid’s impact to make the opponent unable to retreat does NOT work on the AI. This is definitely a holdover from the bottom sport: it doesn’t work there both. I attempted to make it work by altering the AI retreat actions, nevertheless it didn’t, so the Acid impact isn’t current in my hack.
  • Dratini and Suicune are in bizarre locations on the pc menus. This is a results of me being unable to repoint Snorlax’s Thick Fat to a different pokémon, so I did some fidgeting with Dratini and made it work apart from within the menus.
  • Entei’s Protective Flame doesn’t present the Protect animation if profitable. This is as a result of I’m unsure the way to make it do two animations without delay. The impact works regardless.
  • Houndour’s Smog assault, when utilized by the AI, shows as Flare. Not even certain why on this one. The assaults nonetheless work regardless, however the textual content is shifted on the AI.
  • The AI doesn’t seem to know the way to use Energy Spike and Energy Search. Not certain how this one didn’t work both, primarily as a result of the code is unaltered from the bottom sport. With Energy search, I feel it’s as a result of solely two decks have specified targets, subsequently solely two decks can play the cardboard.
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Although this sport is accomplished, there are a few bonus issues I want to do however don’t have the coding abilities to implement them. If anybody does know the way to make these occur, then please remark under.

  • Have Acid really work.
  • Have the Teleport Effect instructions be optionally available/ Have the Teleport instructions do injury with out switching when you solely have 1 Pokémon / Make the AI perceive that Teleport does injury. For making extra assaults that do that, in fact!
  • Have Blissey’s Heal skill take away 2 injury counters as a substitute of 1. I attempted to make this occur and it ends in HP Underflow if it removes just one injury counter.
  • Make Super Fang ignore Weakness and Resistance. I had plans to implement this within the sport, nevertheless it simply doesn’t work if the defending pokemon is weak to Super Fang- it offers twice half HP, which interprets to a assured KO, which isn’t remotely honest.
  • Somehow make the Wildfire code discard X playing cards from the highest of the deck, impartial of fireside energies. I can suppose of some playing cards that might be much more attention-grabbing if they’d results to discard say, 3 playing cards every time they attacked.
  • Have greater than Crystal Celebi makes use of Shift on the AI. The AI sadly can solely course of 1 consumer of Shift (Crystal Type), I don’t know the way to make it course of the opposite 3 crystal playing cards.
  • Make the AI use Energy Search and Energy Spike (Energy Boost). Self-explanatory.
  • Change the set symbols. I’d like to make all of the playing cards from this sport have set symbols from their real-life units, however for the lifetime of me, I can’t discover these graphics anyplace.
  • Change the booster packs. I’m unsure the way to change the booster packs, however I need to.



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