Download Pre-Patched Pokemon Dark Worship GBA ROM Hack

Download Pre-Patched Pokemon Dark Worship Gba Rom Hack

Download Pre-Patched Pokemon Dark Worship GBA ROM Hack

  • Creator: André Freitas
  • Version: v2.8
  • Hack of: FireRed
  • Updated: February 21, 2023
  • Language: Portuguese/English

Pokemon Dark Worship is a GBA ROM Hack by André Freitas primarily based on Pokemon Fire Red in English & Portuguese. And it’s now accessible to obtain. It was final up to date on February 21, 2023.


A Fire Red Hack with a New Region, New Story, Mega Evolution, Z Moves, Dynamax/Gigantamax, YouTubers as NPCs & Much More!

  • Dark Worship is a hack with its personal story that takes place within the Seafood Region.
  • An Evil Sect invades the area to attempt to seize the Holy Pokémon.
  • Do they intend to do any hurt to the Pokémon world?
  • Our protagonist will go on a journey to win the title of champion of the Seafood Region.
  • On your journey, you’ll meet acquainted characters from different video games, make buddies, and battle in opposition to the horrible Sect of Evil.


  • New Region
  • New Story
  • 24 Starters
  • Mega Evolution
  • Z Moves
  • Dynamax/Gigantamax
  • YouTubers as NPCs
  • DexNav
  • Exp. Share
  • Several Side Quests that offers you vital gadgets
  • NDS-style graphics
  • Items that change HMs (Crazy Axe, Crazy Mass, Crazy Climber e Crazy Hammer)
  • Possibility to decide on the starter Treecko with Physical or Special Split
  • Pokemon as much as Hisui
  • Puzzles through the journey and contained in the gyms
  • All TMs accessible
  • Poke Center with merchandise store and NPC with some choices. (Name Rater, Move Relearn, Move deleter e Move Tutor)
  • You can select the problem stage initially.(Easy, Normal, Hard & Expert)
  • NPCs with regards to actual individuals
  • & Much More!
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  • Sufokia Town and Shell Town now have Flying Position.
  • Beta Tower overhauled.
  • Modified League groups.
  • Mew occasion added.
  • Mewnium Z added.
  • Mind Plate added.
  • Rock Plate added.
  • Splash Plate added.
  • HM07 (Waterfall) added.
  • Zacian added.
  • Zamazenta added.
  • Desert Flower is now saved in Pocket Items.
  • Sky Plate added.
  • Sylvally’s Memory Store was added.
  • Fixed Power Lens value.
  • Cresselia added to Mystery Gift.
  • Fix the Limia City Sect occasion.


  • Giratina mini sprite corrected.
  • Added Rotom shapeshifting objects (Sufokia Town)
  • Deino added in Cave Route 6
  • Battle in opposition to Danilo in Beta Tower corrected.
  • New Beta Tower rewards:
  • Rusted Shield
  • Rusted Sword
  • TM93 (Dragon Tail)
  • TM103 (Sludge Wave)
  • Black Flute
  • Max Elixir
  • Well on Route 14 grew to become a fortunate effectively.
    (Playing 3k you may earn incense)
  • TM83 (Scald) added in Route 11
  • Caterpie added to Route 02
  • Added Landorus Event (Lab of Pompano City)
  • Added Thundurus Event (Hydroelectric)
  • Added Tornadus Event (Rangiroa City Hall)
  • Arceus faraway from Mystery Gift
  • Diancie added in Mystery Gift
  • Cobalion, Terrakion and Virizion added (Route 3)
  • DNA Splices merchandise added (Route 3)
  • Added Kyurem occasion (Cave Snow Hill)
  • Item Douse Drive added (Cave Snow Hill)
  • Encounter Frigost Cave fastened



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André Freitas

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