Download Pokemon Itinerant RPGXP FanGame

Download Pokemon Itinerant Rpgxp Fangame

Download Pokemon Itinerant RPGXP FanGame

  • Creator: RegalSword
  • Version: v3.4.1
  • Updated: August 23, 2022

Pokemon Itinerant is an RPGXP FanGame by RegalSword made utilizing Pokemon Essentials. And it’s now out there to obtain. It was final up to date on August 23, 2022.


You are the fortunate winner of a pair of tickets for a luxurious liner! Or not. Certain occasions occur, and you end up stranded within the Asteria area. Work collectively together with your good friend Barley to get again dwelling!


  • Heal your get together from the menu!
  • Starters include False Swipe!
  • Move reminder from the menu!
  • E4 and Champion have been changed with a event!
  • HM Items referred to as “Memories”!
  • Competitive gadgets can be found earlier than 2nd gymnasium!
  • Fully useful post-game battle facility with three bosses!
  • Pokemon from Generations 1 to 9!
  • Megas!
  • Portraits!
  • Mid-battle dialogue!
  • Gym Leader rematches!
  • Custom regional variants!
  • Fakemon!
  • Sound kind!
  • Sidequests!
  • Speed up button!
  • Overworld encounters!
  • Quicksave!
  • Every shiny is exclusive!


You MUST speak to the Debug Man within the nearest Pokemon Center. This prevents points from occurring and is the one option to unlock Koraidon and Miraidon for many who have already accomplished the event. It can also be the one option to allow quests for returning gamers.

Please be sure you usually are not at present saved on the next maps:

  • Route 5
  • Wish Cafe (Verest City)
  • Verest Sewers
  • Reminiscence Cave
  • Route 1
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