Download Facebook Lite APK for Android (Latest 2022)

Download Facebook Lite Apk Free

UnliHowDownload Facebook Lite APK for Android (Latest 2022)

Not everyone can enjoy a fast internet connection. Realizing this, Facebook finally launched Facebook Lite in 2009. About 6 years later, Facebook Lite was officially released as a mobile application that first appeared in Asia before expanding to Africa and other countries. In Indonesia, the application has been officially circulated since June 25, 2015.

Facebook Lite which is a light version of Facebook has a much smaller file size and lower RAM consumption. In addition, Facebook Lite can also be used on some older models of smartphones that are no longer supported by the standard version of Facebook. In the early days of its launch, Facebook Lite’s features differed greatly from regular Facebook, but then slowly more and more features were embedded into it, especially since 2017.

Features and Benefits of Facebook Lite

Download Facebook Lite Apk Free

As a solution to the problem of slow internet connection, Facebook Lite minimizes data transfer by only displaying photos in low resolution so that all photos can be displayed quickly.

Videos also don’t auto play as usual, unless you’re online using a Wi-Fi connection. This way of working automatically also helps users save their respective quotas. The Facebook application actually also has a feature to save data quota, but the savings are not as good as Facebook Lite.

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Judging from the word Lite in the name and from the small file size, you can guess that Facebook Lite’s features are not as complete as regular Facebook. However, some users actually prefer Facebook Lite because it is considered simpler so that they are not bothered with various features that are not really needed.

Facebook Lite also has a dark mode (dark mode) which is liked by many users. In addition to Facebook content that is more comfortable to read, dark mode is also believed to be able to save battery usage. Interestingly, this new feature is actually the first time present on Facebook Lite, not on regular Facebook. This indirectly shows that the development of Facebook Lite is really taken seriously as well as the development of regular Facebook.

Download the Latest Facebook Lite APK

Facebook Lite can still be set again to save more internet quota because users are free to choose the quality of the photos displayed in the social media application. The lower the resolution of the selected photo, the faster the photo will be displayed, and the less quota will be consumed to display the photo.

Overall, Facebook Lite helps users to still be able to interact with other users even if the internet connection speed is poor. The smaller file size is also a plus because it can save storage space on the smartphone so you can install more applications and store more files. Download the latest and free Facebook Lite APK for Android phones via the link below:

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