Disney+ also does not allow account sharing like Netflix

Este Es El Número De Anuncios Que Mostrará Disney+

Did you know Disney+ does not allow account sharing? The streaming platform reflects this in its Terms of Use, but it is very likely that subscribers to the service were not even aware of the existence of this ban, of which you will now learn the details.

The truth is that Netflix is ​​not the only one that does not allow sharing accounts, other services such as HBO Max and also Disney + prohibit it in one way or another. The main difference with respect to Netflix is ​​that they have not made such a forceful decision to block such accounts.

That is to say, in principle they do not allow their clients to share their account with other people And they are a little more “lax” in this sense, since at the moment there is no record of Disney+ going to restrict it, as if Netflix has done it, which has generated great controversy and users have been unsubscribing en masse.

A restriction of use that you must respect

All platforms have a section of terms of use or section where they specify in great detail the conditions of what they contract. In other words, it is a kind of document that tells you what you are contracting, what you can and cannot do, what rights you have, etc.

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Disney+ also has something like this, specifically there is a section on its website called “subscription contract” that details the conditions to which all users who contract a subscription on the platform are subject, detailing everything that we discussed before.

Among the large number of pages that users should read, there is one section called “restrictions on your use of Disney+ Content” in which it is specified what things you cannot do with your Disney + subscription, that is, what you refrain from doing.

Right at point number 10, reference is made to the possibility that access data can be used, which could be used to share your Disney + account, it says the following:

“x. provide login credentials to third parties…”

In clearer words, your subscription agreement with Disney Plus assumes that You agree to refrain from sharing your access data for other people to use your account and see the content of the service, which suggests the prohibition that you can share your profile.

At the moment no accounts are blocked

The word “third parties” already implies that Disney+ does not want you to give your data to other people, which could be interpreted as “outsiders” or people who do not live with you. In any case, they are not entirely clear and blunt in making something clear that could raise doubts, and they use an ambiguous term.

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Despite the fact that it is a written rule that you agree to comply with once you have a Disney+ subscription, the platform is not strictly applying it and users should not see how their shared accounts are blocked for not respecting this specific term.

In short, the term in question could be interpreted as Disney+ prohibits you from sharing the accountbut it is something that its users are not strictly enforcing, but it cannot be ruled out that in the future they may be stricter and not be so lax about it.

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