disable the option to gain performance

Disable The Option To Gain Performance

Do you use your PC to manipulate images, videos or to play games? By disabling a Windows security option, you can improve performance without taking too many risks for the security of your PC.

To strengthen the security of its operating system, Microsoft has added to Windows an “invisible” security device called VBS (for Virtualization Based Security or security based on virtualization in French). Present in Windows 11 and in Windows 10, VBS is based on hardware virtualization, an element present in Intel processors from the eighth generation and AMD processors since Zen 2. The principle of this security device consists in reserving a secure – “sealed” – environment where Windows security applications can run to prevent malware from reaching sensitive data. An eminently laudable goal, especially at a time when cyberattacks (malware, ransomware and the like) are multiplying with the damage we know…

However, since the release of Windows 11, if the security aspect of the VBS is not called into question, it is different from its impact on the performance of the PC. For image editing, video editing, file compression and especially video games, the presence of VBS drains resources. This was already observed at the time by Jarred Walton, a journalist from the American site Tom’s Hardware. He had then noticed a drop of more than 25% in the performance of the machine when the VBS was activated. In video games, this results in a reduction in the number of images displayed per second (fps).

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Alas, Windows 11 has been in place for more than a year and a half, and despite the arrival of new, more efficient processors, it seems that Microsoft has not revised its copy to reduce the impact of VBS on the resources of the machine. In addition, system updates seem to restore the default function even if it had previously been disabled. Also, if you put a lot of strain on your PC and push it to its limits for work or play – and you are not taking any security risks – it is quite possible to deactivate Windows VBS in order to find a little more fluidity. Here’s how.

How to disable VBS in Windows 10 or 11?

Do you like your games to stay smooth on your PC screen? Disabling Windows Virtualization-Based Security (VBS) can save you a few performance points.

► Start by checking if VBS is enabled on your PC. To do this, click on the search box on the taskbar and type information. From the options that appear, choose System information.

Disable The Option To Gain Performance

► In the window that appears, look for the mention Virtualization-based security and check if it running. If this is the case, some manipulations are necessary to deactivate it. Otherwise, no action is required. Click on the button Close to close the window.

1678969011 398 Disable The Option To Gain Performance

► Click on the taskbar drawer and choose Windows Security.

1678969013 136 Disable The Option To Gain Performance

► In the settings window that appears, click on Device security in the left column. Then click on the link Core insulation details of the first section Core insulation.

1678969014 476 Disable The Option To Gain Performance

► If the switch Memory integrity is enabled, switch it to inactive mode and restart your PC as requested.

1678969016 777 Disable The Option To Gain Performance

► Once the PC has restarted, open the System Information to verify that VBS is disabled. If this is still not the case, a registry edit is required. Press the keyboard shortcut Win + R and type Regedit in the window that appears to launch the registry editor.

1678969017 262 Disable The Option To Gain Performance

► Now access the following key:

1678969019 722 Disable The Option To Gain Performance

► Double click on EnableVirtualizationBasedSecurity. In the window that appears, change the value data to 0 and click on OK. Close Regedit and restart the PC. Check again from System Information that VBS is disabled.

1678969020 421 Disable The Option To Gain Performance

► Is the VBS still active? There is still a way to disable the VBS. It consists of removing the virtual machine support feature. In the search field on the taskbar, specify Functions then click Enable or disable Windows features in the displayed results.

1678969022 369 Disable The Option To Gain Performance

► Uncheck the boxes Windows Hypervisor Platform And virtual machine platform. Restart your PC.

1678969024 918 Disable The Option To Gain Performance

► Open System information. This time the VBS must be disabled.

1678969025 617 Disable The Option To Gain Performance

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