Diretele: how to watch DTT, regional channels and more online

Diretele: Cómo Ver La Tdt, Canales Autonómicos Y Más Online

Who said you could only watch TV from home? tell him It is postulated as one of the best options free to enjoy the Spanish DTT channels over the Internet. Next, we are going to discover what those channels are and how to access them.

Tell him it’s a page website that allows you to watch live television online. It offers all the broadcasts of the Spanish Digital Terrestrial Television, better known as DTT: national, regional, local channels and even a couple of international options.

In this way, you can continue consuming your usual television channels without the need to be in front of the television, as long as you have an Internet connection. For example, it’s a very useful service if you’re traveling, on a subway ride, or simply when your home television is busy and you want to watch a program.

In addition, one of the main advantages of Diretele is that You will not have to pay anything and it does not require registration. To enjoy its programming, you just have to access its website, select the channel you want and play the content, so its operation cannot be more simple and intuitive.

Apart from the complete list of channels that we are going to know below, the website also has a “TV Schedule” tab. It is a guide with broadcast times of the main channels, so that users can better find their favorite programs.

Image - Diretele: How To Watch Dtt, Regional Channels And More Online

national channels

  1. The 1.
  2. The 2.
  3. Antenna 3.
  4. Four.
  5. Telecinco.
  6. The sixth.
  8. Not going.
  9. Neox.
  10. Mega.
  11. Atreseries.
  12. 24 hours.
  13. Teleport.
  14. Clan.
  15. +24H.
  16. +Teleport.
  17. Be Mad.
  18. Boing.
  19. Divinity.
  20. Energy.
  21. FDF.
  22. 7NN News.
  23. Midnight 24h.
  24. DMAX.
  25. DKISS.
  26. Have Television.
  27. Paramount Network.
  28. Disney Channel.
  29. Parliament Channel Spain.
  30. Real Madrid TV.
  31. Goal TV.
  32. El Toro TV Intereconomía.

regional channels

  1. Andalusia: Canal Sur, 7TV Andalucía.
  2. Aragon: Aragon TV.
  3. Asturias: T.P.A.
  4. Cantabria: Popular TV Cantabria.
  5. Castilla la Mancha: CMMedia.
  6. Castile and Leon: The 7 of CyLTV.
  7. Catalonia: Bon Dia TV, TV3 Cat, TV3, 324, La 2 TVE Catalunya, Fibracat TV, Canal Super3 33, 8tv Catalunya, La 1 TVE Catalunya, Barça TV, Teve.cat and Esport 3.
  8. Valencian Community: Bon Dia TV, La 8 Mediterráneo.
  9. Galicia: Television of Galicia America, TVG Musigal, TVG Xabarín TV, Television of Galicia, TVG Sports TV, TVG Moments G TV, TVG ZigZag TV.
  10. Balearic Islands: Bon Dia TV, IB3, Canal 4 Baleares.
  11. Canary Islands: Canarian Television.
  12. The Rioja: Rioja Television.
  13. Madrid: The Other, HIT TV, Telemadrid.
  14. Melilla: TV Melilla, Popular TV Melilla.
  15. Murcia: Popular TV Murcia, 7 TV Region of Murcia.
  16. Navarre: Navarre TV.
  17. Basque Country: ETB 1, ETB 2, ETB Sat.
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local channels

  1. Madrid (Community of Madrid): Distrito TV, Hispan TV, TeleSur Madrid, TBN Spain, Teleganés, TB Madrid, Vaughan TV, Vital TV Madrid, Solidaria TV, Déjate de Historias TV, Channel 33 Madrid, Libertad Digital TV, Pride Channel TV.
  2. Albacete (Castilla la Mancha): TV Hellín, InfoCanal TV Almansa, Channel 4 Mancha Centro, Radio Television Vida, Vision 6 TV, Canal Imagen TV Almansa.
  3. Ciudad Real (Castilla la Mancha): iMás Television, Manzanares 10TV.
  4. Guadalajara (Castilla la Mancha): Guada TV, Pride Channel TV, Alcarria TV.
  5. Toledo (Castilla la Mancha): Diocesan Channel, Pride Channel TV.
  6. Cáceres and Badajoz (Extremadura): ZF Television, Cáceres Television.
  7. Almeria (Andalusia): 7TV Almería, Interalmería TV, Indalo Television.
  8. Cadiz (Andalusia): 8 Jerez, Onda Jerez TV, 7TV Sierra, 7TV Jerez, 7TV Cádiz, 8 Cádiz, Sal Televisión, 7TV Costa Noroeste, 7TV Algeciras, Costa Noroeste TV, Onda Algeciras TV, Onda Cádiz TV, Canal Sierra de Cádiz, Canal San Roque TV, Tarifa Television, MásJerez TV, Yours TV La Janda.
  9. Cordoba (Andalusia): Municipal Television of Córdoba, 7TV Córdoba, Cancionero TV, PTV Córdoba, Córdoba TV, Ondamezquita TV, Telequivir.
  10. Granada (Andalusia): 7TV Granada, TG7, PTV Granada, Cadena Élite Granada, Granada Channel, Granada Channel 2, Telemotril.
  11. Huelva (Andalusia): Condavisión, 7TV Huelva, Canal Doñana, Huelva TV, Más TV Huelva, Canal Costa TV, Teleonuba.
  12. Jaen (Andalusia): Channel 45 Jaén, Diez TV, Ondajaén TV, 7TV Jaén, PTV Linares, 9laLoma.
  13. Malaga (Andalusia): Estepona Television, M95 Marbella TV, Málaga 24h TV, Fuengirola TV, 7TV Málaga, Costa del Sol TV, Mijas 3.40 TV, Torremolinos TV, Axartel TV, 7TV Marbella, Axarquía TV, 101 TV, 101 TV Antequera, Torrevisión Television, Canal Málaga, PTV Málaga, Marbella TV, Teleantequera, Canal Coín.
  14. Seville (Andalusia): Betis TV, Televisión Carmona, Lebrija TV, Sevilla FC TV, 7TV Sevilla, Telegilena, Telecija, Écija Comarca TV, Uvitel, El Correo TV Sevilla, PTV Sevilla.
  15. Murcia (Region of Murcia): Radio Television Vida, 8 La Marina TV, TeleArchena.
  16. León, Zamora, Salamanca, Valladolid, Palencia, Segovia, Soria, Burgos and Ávila (Castilla y León): TV Benavente, La 8 Soria, La 8 Burgos, La 8 Zamora, La 8 Salamanca, Television Aranda, La 8 Ávila, La 8 Palencia, La 8 León, La 8 Segovia, La 8 Bierzo, Channel 54 Burgos, La 8 Valladolid .
  17. A Coruña, Lugo, Ourense and Pontevedra (Galicia): Hermes TV Vigo, Telemiño, Televigo, Auria TV Ourense.
  18. Asturias (Principality of Asturias): Channel 10 Asturias, EsAsturias TV.
  19. Cantabria: Cantabria TV.
  20. Vizcaya, Álava and Guipúzcoa (Basque Country): 28 Kanala, Erlo Telebista, Tele7, Oizmendi Telebista, Hamaika Telebista, Urola Telebista, Goiena Telebista, GITB Goierri Irrati Telebista.
  21. The Rioja: Popular TV La Rioja.
  22. Navarra (Foral Community of Navarra): TeleRibera.
  23. Zaragoza, Huesca and Teruel (Aragon): Channel 15tv Zaragoza, Channel 25 TV from Barbastro and Somontano, LaTele TV, Huesca TV, Calamocha TV, La Ocho Zaragoza.
  24. Alicante (Valencian Community): Channel 10 Million, San Vicente Television, Cetelmon TV, Onda 15 TV, Radio Television Vida, Une Vinalopó Television, Intercomarcal TV, TV Alcoi, Vega Baja Television, Alacantí TV, Elche 7TV, TeleElx, Pequeradio TV.
  25. Castellón (Valencian Community): Channel 56 Regional Television, Televisió Almassora, BurrianaTeVe, Pequeradio TV, TVCS Televisió de Castelló, TeVe4, Punt 3, TeVe4 La Vall.
  26. Valencia (Valencian Community): Information TV, Tele Safor, Channel 7 Televalencia, Onda Valencia TV, Telesagunto, Univers TV Valencia, Levante TV, Ribera Televisió.
  27. Barcelona (Catalonia): Canal Taronja Anoia, Canal Blau, Televisió de Cardedeu, Televisió Sant Cugat, Penedes TV, Esplugues TV, Vallès Visió, Mataró TV, Televisió L’Hospitalet, Cugat TV, Mola TV, TV El Vendrell, Canal Reus, Tele Badalona, ​​El Nou TV Cat, TV Berguedà, Canal Taronja Comarques Centrals, Canal Taronja Osona i Moianès, Montserrat TV, Valles Oriental TV, Mar TV, 25 Televisió Barcelona, ​​Betevé, Canal Terrasa.
  28. Girona (Catalonia): Empordà TV, Olot Televisió, TV Costa Brava, Channel 10 Empordá, TV Ripollès, Televisió Girona.
  29. Lleida (Catalonia): Lleida Television.
  30. Tarragona (Catalonia): TAC 12, Ulldecona TV, Canal Terres de l’Ebre, Canal 21 Ebre.
  31. Balearic Islands: Television of Ibiza and Formentera – TEF.
  32. Santa Cruz de Tenerife (Canary Islands): Mi Tierra TV, Gigante TV, Channel 4 Tenerife, Channel 10 Tenerife.
  33. Las Palmas de Gran Canaria (Canary Islands): Canal 4 TV Gran Canaria, Televisión Mogán, Este Canal, NORTEvisión, Biosfera TV, Unión Deportiva Las Palmas TV, Tindaya TV, Lancelot TV, Noroeste TV Canarias.
  34. Ceuta: Radio Television Ceuta, Ceuta TV.
  35. Melilla: It does not have its own channels.
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international channels

  1. Euronews Spain.
  2. RT in Spanish.

Another interesting tool appears when you click on the chosen channel, where you will see five buttons below the content broadcast screen. These let you know more information about the channelsending you directly to its official website, Facebook, Twitter or Instagram.

Image - Diretele: How To Watch Dtt, Regional Channels And More Online

A little further down, we will also see four other buttons round shaped. Here we will find Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and WhatsApp, and they serve to share what you are viewing in your favorite social networks in a simple way.

Image - Diretele: How To Watch Dtt, Regional Channels And More Online

However, you should know that Diretele only allows viewing online those programs with rights to be broadcast over the Internet. For this reason, part of the programming of the DTT channels is exclusively available in its conventional broadcast.

Diretele does not have its own appso don’t bother looking for it on Google Play or the App Store, you will have to enter it from the browser. However, you can easily do it from a smartphone, tablet or computer, even from a Smart TV with Internet access.

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