Different Types of Duct Systems

Different Types Of Duct Systems

Both residential and industrial locations require environment friendly ductwork. The distribution of cold and warm air within the rooms is finished by the ducts. It is critical to maintain these ducts clear as they affect the functioning of the HVAC system. The high quality of the indoor air, allergic reactions, temperature and plenty of different issues are related to the ducts. Regular duct cleaning Melbourne is essential to sustaining the ducts. Whether you need to set up new ductwork or keep the present ducts, it may be useful so that you can know in regards to the following duct programs:

  1. Flexible Ductwork

These ducts are good for locations the place inflexible ducts can’t be put in. In this ductwork, bendable plastic is used. The value of putting in these ducts is sort of low. Also, the method of set up is straightforward and fast. While fixing these ducts, the technicians ensure that too many bends and turns are averted as they may interrupt the circulate of the air.

  1. Rigid Ducts

As the title suggests, these ducts can’t be bent simply. They are inflexible and excellent for companies. They are primarily accessible in rectangular and cylindrical shapes. Rigid ductwork is reliable and arduous. Based on the supplies utilized in making the air ducts, the inflexible ductwork may be of differing types:

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These ducts have an inside lining of fibreglass. These ducts are generally utilized in many residential and industrial locations. The materials is useful in lowering the sound of the air-con unit. But, there are a couple of drawbacks to choosing this ductwork. It may be arduous to take care of the cleanliness of these ducts. They may additionally get deteriorated and contaminated because of mould and micro organism. If your house has these sorts of ducts, get them repaired often by duct repair Melbourne.

These are one of the best high quality ducts which can be made up of aluminium and galvanised metal. These ducts are sturdy. The possibilities of bacterial progress and mold infestation in these sorts of ducts are much less. If you need long-lasting ductwork on your industrial place, this could be a good selection.

These are insulated ducts. They are nice for transferring the new and funky air all through the constructing. Fibreglass strands together with resins make up the physique of the fibreboard ducts. The ducts are surrounded by the foil sheet. This lamination helps in stopping moisture from affecting the fabric of the duct.

  1. Semi-Rigid Ductwork

These ducts are good for air flow. The efficiency of HVAC system and hydraulic stress loss stay intact when these ducts are used. It is straightforward to take care of these ducts as a result of they’re immune to bacterial progress.

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Some Factors to Check whereas Choosing the Ducts

There are some qualities of ductwork that you have to take into accounts whereas choosing the ductwork on your industrial property. For your assist, now we have talked about some options of air ducts:

  • There needs to be no leakages within the ducts. This prevents the loss of sizzling or cool air within the system.
  • The ducts ought to have the ability to flow into even and the appropriate high quality of air in all of the rooms.
  • The measurement of the air ducts needs to be good. They should go the stress drop take a look at.
  • There needs to be a correct stability between the provision and return of the airflow.
  • The ducts should be succesful sufficient to scale back the losses and good points within the air temperature.


Different ductworks have totally different professionals and cons. Some are good for industrial locations whereas some are apt for residential areas. The ductwork may be chosen relying on various factors like constructing space and value. Even if in case you have already put in ductwork, the above listing can assist you in understanding extra about it.

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