Difference Between Grand Theft and Petty Theft and How Law Enforcement Works

Difference Between Grand Theft And Petty Theft And How Law Enforcement Works

The act of bodily taking away a doubtlessly valuable item with out the proprietor’s permission and with the aim of completely depriving them of it’s known as theft. A need to destroy, promote, or abandon the stolen items in a spot the place they gained’t be discovered is enough; the felony needn’t need to maintain it themselves.

Selling the stolen automotive or its parts is a typical observe within the case of auto theft, as an illustration.

In the state of affairs of alleged fees of theft, A theft lawyer with expertise and dedication will probably be devoted to defending your rights. There are at all times decisions that you ought to be conscious of whether or not you’re accused of minor theft or grand theft. You can solely get the absolute best consequence when you rent a certified theft lawyer with a observe file of success.

Theft legislation covers a variety of offenses the place the offender takes cash, property, providers, or different gadgets with the intention of completely depriving the proprietor of the merchandise. These crimes are dedicated in any respect three tiers of presidency; federal, state, and native. The price of the property taken by the defendant is usually referenced in theft statutes, with growing penalties primarily based on this.

Courts in all jurisdictions would require these discovered responsible of theft to make restitution by compensating victims for his or her losses along with imposing jail time, fines, and different penalties.

Sometimes merely meaning to quickly deprive the proprietor of the property is greater than sufficient for a criminal offense to be thought of as theft, like when a automotive is taken for a “joyride” and subsequently deserted in a trend that enables the proprietor to recuperate it.

Difference Between Grand Theft and Petty Theft

Grand theft and petty theft are two frequent classes of stealing. The offense could also be upgraded to grand theft if the worth of the stolen items exceeds a predetermined threshold set by the state’s statute. Whether theft is nice or small could rely on the type of commodities that had been taken.

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Grand theft, as an illustration, is outlined by California Penal Code Section 487 as theft that entails an vehicle, a pistol, or one other merchandise valued at greater than $950.

Petty theft is outlined by California Penal Code Section 488 as theft that’s not grand theft. Petty theft is a misdemeanor, though grand theft may be both, relying on the circumstances and jurisdiction.

Grand Theft Is a More Serious Offense in Comparison to Petty Theft

Grand theft is a extra severe crime that entails stealing gadgets with a better financial price, and it’s thought to be a petty felony at occasions in lots of locations. Small-time stealing is a much less severe crime that’s steadily thought to be a misdemeanor.

An individual could also be charged with theft if they’re caught stealing another person’s property. The offense will probably be categorised as both petty theft or grand theft relying on the worth of the stolen items.

One of the “wobbler” crimes is grand theft. These are offenses that may be prosecuted as felonies or misdemeanors. Therefore, grand theft is each a misdemeanor and a felony, to reply the query.

The solely time this doesn’t apply is when a firearm is taken. When a firearm is stolen, the perpetrator is taken into custody and prosecuted for grand theft, a severe offense. Grand theft is a felony that carries a most three-year jail sentence.

Four Major Categories of Grand Theft

Theft doesn’t at all times look like the identical. Although there are lots of alternative ways to conduct theft, there are basically 4 classes. As expertise advances and society develops, new methods to steal would possibly emerge, however the 4 most important classes of grand theft are the next:


Larceny occurs when somebody steals $950 or extra price of one other particular person’s property with out that particular person’s consent, strikes that property and retains it with the aim of retaining it ceaselessly or lengthy sufficient to deprive the property’s lawful proprietor of it. In essence, this can be a easy theft through which somebody merely takes one in all your possessions and retains it.

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False Pretenses:

False pretense theft occurs when somebody purposefully and knowingly misleads somebody to permit them to surrender $950 or extra of their property. The sufferer is duped into believing this beneath false pretenses. In this type of theft, the sufferer knowingly offers up their belongings, however solely after being duped.


This occurs every time somebody purposefully and consciously will get $950 or extra of another person’s property by way of fraud or deception. They can even acquire possession of the property for some time with the intent to rob the reputable proprietor of it, or any mixture of those. It can be a deception if somebody requested to make use of your telephone for a name however then took off with it.


Embezzlement happens when somebody is trusted with one other particular person’s property price $950 or extra and they go forward and use it fraudulently for their very own acquire. It can be a sort of embezzlement to make use of cash from one thing you’re speculated to handle to pay your individual payments.

Punishment for Grand Theft in addition to Petty Theft

Petty Theft

The prosecution has the choice to cost petty theft as both a misdemeanor or an infraction if the worth of the property taken is lower than $500 and the accused has no prior convictions for theft or crimes associated to theft.

A $250 price is usually imposed as punishment for an offense. If the matter is prosecuted as a misdemeanor, a conviction will end in a superb of as much as $1,000 and a possible sentence of as much as six months in county jail. With the help of a theft legal professional, an individual accused of first-time petty theft can sometimes have the superb diminished and keep away from going to jail.

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Grand theft

Charges for grand theft may be both felonies or misdemeanors. The most punishment, whether it is charged as a misdemeanor, is one yr in county jail. A conviction for felony grand theft carries a sentence of 16 months, 2 years, or 3 years in state jail. Grand theft that entails the theft of a firearm is taken into account a criminal offense and is topic to a 16-month, 2-year, or 3-year sentence in state jail.

The use of pressure or the specter of pressure is a part of essentially the most extreme theft offenses. Robbery is the one which stands out essentially the most amongst these. Robberies in some instances, together with muggings, financial institution heists, and carjackings, are easy to determine.

Sometimes theft accusations are surprising, particularly for individuals who have been accused of committing a criminal offense that may appear to not be as severe at first. For occasion, somebody who’s caught shoplifting and then tries to flee with the stolen items by bodily eluding a safety guard’s maintain could very nicely be responsible of theft.


To conclude the above dialogue, theft is usually thought to be minor and could end in misdemeanor fees if the entire worth of the stolen items is $500 or much less. Theft is classed as grand theft when the worth of the stolen items exceeds $500 and may end up in felony fees.

It is critical to do not forget that individuals who steal a number of gadgets will probably be held accountable for the complete worth of the gadgets they took. That means an individual will probably be charged with grand theft in the event that they steal two items which might be every price $300.

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