CS:GO – The ground rules

Cs:go – The Ground Rules

Esports is really a sport in the truest sense of the word. It has a competitive component, the struggle of physical and mental data, as well as an entertainment element. There are big investors not only in the US but worldwide, a huge market, and a lot of eSport stuff, like teams and tricks they use, which, by the way, you can learn at https://profilerr.net. All sports are games in one form or another. And the game has its own rules, and this is also one of the main signs of “sportiness”. And if you know the general rules of the competition and the private rules of individual tournaments, then eSports becomes even more interesting. So let’s get acquainted with the rules.

Basic Rules

Why the basic? Because there is a blurring of interpretations in which these rules “walk”. This allows for the difference in particular rules, which are the same in one tournament and different in another. However, the general principles remain the same wherever the five terrorists confront the special forces.

Where do we play?

The game is played, of course, over a computer network, but its configuration is an important nuance. Most status tournaments are held offline, via a local network. Spectators and judges live watching the actions of the players with broadcast on the screen, of course. There are more tournaments on the international web, but they are lower – both in terms of prizes and broadcasts. This hides another “sportiness” of CS:GO – the field factor. In this case, everyone plays either on one neutral field (for someone it can be own), or everyone plays on their own field – near the computer.

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What is the score?

Well, what sport does without a score, which is regulated by the rules? Who wins whom and by how much – that’s the main question. The CS:GO game takes place in two periods: the first is played up to the sum of rounds 15 (each round lasts 1:45). Whatever the score, 10:5, 8:7, or even 15:0, once they finish, they switch sides and play the second — until the 16th round will be won by one of the teams.

Technical features

In these paragraphs, cases of disconnection are registered — from what moment the game continues, at what arrangement and how long to wait for the connection to be restored. Deliberately disconnecting the connection in eSports is considered a violation.

Rule violations

Do not cheat, do not disconnect intentionally, use only allowed settings. Two items are special. First: the non-graph option affects the ping of the game, so it is separately stated that it can be turned on or off, but for everyone. Second, you can’t use map errors. This does not look like a rule, but like a gentleman, but more on that later.

Command structure

The five cannot be changed during the tournament. It is forbidden to involve a player from another team, which is still participating or not. All claims can be submitted only at the end of the game, when the captain pauses and informs the referee about the situation.


The disciplinary rules regulate the behavior, location, and punctuality of the tournament participants. There is a separate punishment for foul language. Arguing with judges is prohibited. Disciplinary rules may change from tournament to tournament.

You can follow the results of the games of the CS:GO World Series on special thematic portals, like profilerr.net. You can find a lot of information about cybersport, gathered by a team of professionals and compiled together by Volodymyr Huda.

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Rules of Fair play in CS:GO

From the entire set of official rules, CS:GO players identified several main ones and formalized them in the form of unofficial rules of fair play.

On the official servers of the game:

  1. do not use cheats
  2. do not insult other members
  3. do not use automatic software

In Pair or Competitive mode, you need:

  • play only to win
  • play to the end

The punishment is atmospheric: the likelihood of a boycott or blocking — temporary or permanent.

How do intra-game money work in the Cs:GO

The presence of an economic component in a shooter game distinguishes CS:GO from relatives in the genre. Each weapon has its own price, depending on the capabilities. But it wears out, so it’s impossible to constantly fight with expensive models, and this sets a balance in the capabilities of the players.

The amount of money directly affects the tactics of the round — desires must be commensurate with the possibilities. If there is no money for the necessary weapons, you need to fight with what you have. And this does not always correspond to a pre-worked out plan. This is especially true for the defending side, which has no bonuses for planting the bomb.

The game starts with $800 in the hands of each player. Money is spent on weapons and equipment. The intellectual work is to correctly manage resources in the future and plan the budget for the next rounds. Perhaps they will receive additional financial support, and perhaps the amount of money will decrease, but the need for equipment will remain.

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The weapon cost table looks something like this (using heavy weapons as an example):

The team’s cash limit per game is $16,000. Attackers who lost due to lack of time do not receive a cash bonus at the end of the round. The statistics of the leading teams and players can be viewed at profilerr.net.

Maps and their importance in the CS GO

Maps play an important role in CS:GO because they are the place of the battle, the terrain and features of which determine the actions of the players. Of course, the teams have been busy with the map configuration for a long time — they train on them for a long time. And that is why some are better at playing defense on one map, while others are better at attacking on another.

Tournaments of a high international level are held in the format of up to two wins on three maps. That is why the maps should be balanced and give no advantage to any side. Currently, for tournament participants, seven maps are available — Inferno, Mirage, Nuke, Overpass, Vertigo, Ancient, and Anubis. Two maps need to be chosen through the veto. That is, each team member’s voice counts during the picking.

The right to change the general set of maps remains with the developers. And if we recall the economic aspect of the game, then the order of the maps greatly affects the state of affairs from this side as well. And this makes CS:GO even more sports and interesting game.

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