Control Crashing: How To Solve Them?

Control, the latest action detective adventure from Remedy Entertainment, offers a variety of puzzles, bosses and action sequences. And test your skills and the equipment you have collected.

However, it looks attractive when you can’t deal with the lack of a controller. We all despise failures and problems.

I am here to help you overcome the challenges and make your management game exciting and limitless.

It will control the black screen at startup

Fix Startup control black screen

Control Game Crashes

Black screen of death is a common problem in PC gaming, and Drug Control is no exception. When you start the game, the screen may be black, but you can hear the music playing in the background.

Controller black screen problem is easy to fix. When the black screen appears, press Alt + Enter and the game will open and start playing.

You can now play in full screen mode by going to the video settings and setting the video quality to the screen resolution.

If you have a black screen but can hear music in the background, the problem may be an outdated GPU driver. Updating the GPU driver should fix the problem.

Control the danger at the beginning of the game

When you start the game, the tracking may not start and may stop when you start the game. Here are the keys and solutions to both problems.

When starting the game it says “Visual C++ Redistributable Installation Failed” so the game won’t start. Just go to the game installation location and run the Controller DX11.exe file.

If the game still won’t start or crashes on startup, continue with the steps below.

Go to the game installation folder and create a new file “steam app-id”, open it in notepad and type “870780”. Before starting the game with Controller DX11.exe or Controller DX12.exe, close your notebook and exit. The game starts normally.

The launch control crash can be caused by a virus or Windows Defender recognizing the game exe file as a Trojan horse. You can fix this by disabling your antivirus/Windows security software or bypassing the game’s installation instructions. Then check the game file and the problem will be solved forever.

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Another possibility for games on startup is that the GPU drivers are out of date. Updating the GPU driver to the latest version will fix the problem.

The controller will slow down as the game continues.

  • If you’re using Steam, try checking your controller’s game files by going to the games folder (Steam normally checks each game file to make sure nothing is corrupted).
  • Click on the previous save to see if the problem is with the save file or the game itself.
  • Uninstall and reinstall the game.
  • Move the save files into the control folder and run the game in cloud storage and see what happens.
  • If you are using Epic, you must run the game in administrator mode.
  • The control failure device was removed.

I recently bought a poetry game and had multiple crashes with the same error message ie. There is a missing “device” in the white box.

In the first scene, it starts with the guards, usually at the same time. Log in after the start but not in the first battle and go into the comms center and say “map: weapon removed”.

Sometimes “dxgi error remove device” also appears.

The problem is running on the GPU. The solution is to find the cause of the crash on the removed device.

Follow one of the fixes below or try more than one fix to resolve this error.

How To Solve Control Game Crash On Anchor

  • Disabling GPU overclocking seems to fix specific issues for some gamers. If this method doesn’t work for you, try lowering the GPU frame rate. Make sure the graphics card is not running at high speed while playing or booting. Rivatuner can be used to lower the FPS threshold to 30/60 depending on the power of your system.
  • Go to the game settings menu and change some settings to low or medium mode instead of high or ultra mode. This is useful for some games that require a lot of graphics.
  • Optimize your RAM and GPU for other video games. If you experience lags or crashes, consider updating your computer’s virtual memory.
  • Be sure to unplug and plug the CPU, GPU, and RAM back into their respective slots. Try to clean the dirt or debris thoroughly.
  • You can also check for game updates and Steam client updates.
  • While most Windows 10 users keep their system up to date with each new version, make sure it doesn’t have the latest Windows updates.
  • Turn off MSAA, set DLSS to 720P, set Advanced settings for other modes, disable vertical sync (in games), set Raytracing to High, and set High to 30 at 1080P FPS limit. If you want to play a good title, you may need to adjust the resolution and lose data instead of lag or crashes.
  • Disable the overlay program, one of the most discussed conflicts in PC gaming. GeForce Experience Overlay, Steam Overlay, Xbox Game Bar, Discord Overlay and others are examples.
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How to choose a windlass

The control anchor can be grabbed around the sealed boundary of the safe room after completing the “Invest the Safety Safe” mission. As you explore the safe room, you’ll come to a large cave with an eerie light at one end.

To cross the chasm, jump through the air or jump and perform quick alternate sprints in the air. There’s a handy yellow box next to the rock in the left corner, and jumping off it makes this acrobatic move pretty easy. The anchor will come out when you get past the rock.

An armature is a change in shape of a rotating mass that produces its own torque. This strange image should now have interest in the magic venue. The anchor resembles the dangerous mob deviants that appeared at the first checkpoint during the Astral Plane Challenge to find a phone line.

But this is where the problem comes in when you fight The Anchor and you can suddenly find yourself in trouble. These crash issues occur because it’s not a compatibility issue or anything like that. What happens is that he works for hours. All polygons must be calculated. DLSS tries to calculate them all at once.

This happens so fast in real time that the game crashes and freezes.

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If you lower the resolution from the control graphics setting to a lower setting, it should be fine. Once you hit Anchor, you can go back to the original graphics settings.

The anchor will rotate slowly and sometimes open on one side to reveal a large red orb. Each platform has a useful item that can be sent to the red perimeter to deal heavy damage to the anchor.

However, it should be noted that the anchor can sometimes trigger a deadly explosion if it is not cut off by a projectile or round from your weapon.

Small enemies will gather in the arena and fly at you, adding another level of difficulty. But if you keep moving between the levels and throw some bells or balls at them, it’s easy to get away.

You can also try one of these fixes to fix your crash issue when fighting The Anchor in the control game.

Preparation- 1: Simple preparation

  • Disable everything in game settings, including sound.
  • That’s when Die Anker starts calling.
  • Start the match by using the “One Hit Kill” option in the game settings. Just fire your gun when the anchor opens and you can see the red base.

Fix – 2: Enable Control Flow Guard

  • Start the bottom of the Windows search bar.
  • Search for “exploit protection” to get started.
  • Go to the “Program Settings” tab.
  • Select ‘+ Add Apps’ to configure.
  • Navigate to your ‘Control DX12.exe’ file.
  • Open the application program.
  • Look for the ‘Manage Flow Queue’ section.
  • Check the ‘Ignore System Settings’ option.
  • Ignore System Settings and click ‘Apply’.

Fix-3: Approach matching

  • Windows Vista 2 compatibility status
  • Turn off all screen optimization.
  • Run the game as a viewer at 800×600 window resolution.
  • All image options are set to low and all boxes in the image selection are unchecked.
  • Every sound is booming.
  • One fatal blow.


I hope this article helped you solve your problem and you are happy with your game controller. If this article has helped you, please feel free to share this dark solution with a friend.

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