Complete Guide on This Error

Complete Guide On This Error

Task scheduler 0x1 return code is among the many most typical errors you’ll come throughout whereas utilizing job scheduler. One of the frequent methods you’ll set off this error is when setting a batch file.Complete Guide On This Error

Often this error arises from battle in privilege. In this information, you’ll be taught all about this error and how one can eliminate it.

Why Am I Getting Task Scheduler 0x1?

You are getting this error is that there’s a problem with privileges. For occasion, you could not have ample privileges for executing a job in a selected location. Also, if, for some motive, the method can’t discover the file, it’ll trigger the error.

– Issues With Privileges and Permissions

Another motive you could set off this error is in case you allow the duty scheduler to run even when no consumer is logged in. The motive behind that is the scheduler is unable to find the desired path. As a consequence, the duty is unable to run efficiently since it’s not capable of find the file to run.

The Task Scheduler is a utility in Windows that lets you schedule duties to run mechanically. The job scheduler 0x1 batch file error usually signifies that the duty was unable to start out as a result of the system was unable to allocate reminiscence or the duty was unable to run because of system safety restrictions.1674692444 392 Complete Guide On This Error

A batch file is a textual content file that accommodates a sequence of instructions which are executed by the command-line interpreter. You can use a batch file to automate duties on a Windows laptop.

This instrument allows you to create duties that carry out a selected motion at a selected time or when a selected occasion happens. For instance, you should utilize the Task Scheduler to schedule a job to run a program, ship an e mail, or shut down the pc at a sure time.

The Task Scheduler may be helpful for quite a lot of functions, corresponding to:

  • Automating methods upkeep duties, corresponding to disk cleanup or defragmentation
  • Running a program or script at a selected time, corresponding to backing up knowledge or synchronizing information
  • Launching a program when a selected occasion happens, corresponding to when a consumer logs on or when a system begins up
  • Shutting down the pc at a sure time, corresponding to if you end up completed utilizing it for the day

By utilizing the Task Scheduler, you possibly can automate duties and unencumber your time to focus on different essential duties. It is a great tool for each people and companies to streamline and optimize their workflow. However, when utilizing the duty scheduler, you could come throughout a job return error code.

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How To Fix Task Scheduler 0x1

You can repair the duty scheduler 0x1 by defining the beginning in path. Moreover, you possibly can repair this downside by working the duties with utmost priviledges. In addition to that, use create job choice as a substitute of utilizing the ‘create basic task’ choice because it renders the error.

– Define Start in Path

One of one of the best options whenever you come throughout this error entails defining the trail to the file. This would require you to offer the listing path. Doing this appears to resolve the problem generally. Usually, offering the listing path to “Start in” is elective.

– Run Tasks With Utmost Privileges

It is advisable that you simply tick the “Run with highest privileges” alternative when making a job. As effectively, be certain your consumer account has the required privileges for packages within the batch file to run efficiently. In different phrases, if a replica command to a server runs with a consumer account on your native machine however not on the home windows server, then the duty goes to fail silently.

This is the place job scheduler 0x1 system account points are available. The job might or might not report the result. It is probably going the identical factor will occur if the server and the native machine share the identical username however have completely different passwords.

– Utilize the “Create Task” Option Instead of “Create Basic Task”

To be certain your job runs easily, it’s important to take into consideration three choices. First, create the duty through the use of the “Create Task” choice moderately than selecting the “Create Basic Task” choice. The create fundamental job choice supplies numerous choices for the server, however normally, the default server goes to work.1674692446 910 Complete Guide On This Error

Second, make the most of solely the UNC paths inside the batch information and the “Actions” tab. Moreover, you possibly can choose to map the drives on your laptop. However, you need to at all times rely on the UNC paths throughout your job.

Lastly, within the “General” tab, select “Change User or Group” after which present the suitable credentials. Do this no matter whether or not you have got already logged into your account utilizing the proper credentials.

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Once you set these choices, they’ll work on the duty scheduler even whenever you want to run a job, no matter whether or not a consumer is signed in or not. At the tip of the batch file, place a pause. This will mean you can view any errors in addition to take a look at run your job.

– Check Your Relative Path

Check the relative paths in your batch file. In case you might be using drive letters that time to a community drive, then you may be unable to run the duty when a consumer is logged in or not. If you need it to perform, be sure to use UNC paths. Alternatively, you level to a neighborhood drive.

– Setting the Right Path

When you come throughout this error within the Windows job scheduler, you possibly can take the next steps to resolve it.

  • First, open the duty scheduler
  • Next, right-click on the duty and select the properties choice
  • Now, click on on the actions tab and select edit
  • Within the Start in (Optional) part, present the required path
  • In case you might be unaware of which is the proper path, you need to copy it with out the method out of your program/Script subject. In different phrases, copy the trail to the listing, not a selected file
  • Once you might be completed, click on OK to complete the edit and shut the scheduled job.
  • Now, strive rerunning the scheduled duties, if the final run result’s 0x0 it is a sign that you simply efficiently ran the duty.

– Setting Execution Policy

To remedy the error when working PowerShell scripts in your job scheduler, you’ll have to set the execution coverage to disregard the arguments of the duty scheduler. Here are the steps you must comply with to perform this:

  • Open the duty scheduler by looking for it within the search bar on your taskbar and clicking on it
  • Now, open the duty scheduler library
  • Right-click on the duty you need and select the properties choice
  • Next, open the actions tab and click on edit
  • Within the “Program/script” part, write powershell.exe
  • Now, write ExecutionPolicy Bypass – File “C:DataScript.ps1” within the “Add arguments” subject
  • Lastly, within the Start in (Optional) subject, present the trail to the placement of your PowerShell script. In the instance within the step above, the placement of the file is C:Data
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This ought to remedy 0x1 job scheduler PowerShell points when utilizing the duty scheduler. If this doesn’t remedy it, you could wish to test for any updates or patches for the Task Scheduler or the working system, as these might resolve the problem.


1. What Does Task Scheduler 0x2 Mean?

The job scheduler 0x2 error implies that the duty run by the Task Scheduler has been terminated because of an sudden error. This error code may be attributable to numerous points, corresponding to issues with the duty itself, points with the system, or interference from different packages or processes.

2. What Does the Error Code 0x41301 Mean in Task Scheduler?

The job scheduler 0x41301 error code implies that the duty run by the Task Scheduler is unable to start out as a result of the desired job picture is corrupt or lacking. This error code may be attributable to quite a lot of points, corresponding to corrupt or lacking job photos and incorrect job setup.

3. What Is the Meaning of Error Code 2147942401 in Task Scheduler

The which means of job scheduler 2147942401 error is that the duty run by the Task Scheduler can’t begin as a result of it’s unable to entry the desired file or folder. This error code may be attributable to quite a lot of points.

These embrace incorrect file or folder permissions, deleted or moved information or folders, corrupt information or folders, conflicting duties or packages, malware, or system points.


In this information, you have got discovered loads about Task scheduler 0x1 error code and the best way to remedy it. Here is a abstract of what you lined on this information:

  • The 0x1 error code signifies Task Scheduler was unable to launch a job due to system points or safety restrictions
  • It can come up from quite a lot of points, corresponding to issues with the duty itself, points with the system, or interference from different packages or processes
  • To remedy the problem, you possibly can take a number of measures, corresponding to defining the “Start in” path and working duties with the very best privileges

With this understanding, now will probably be a lot simpler to unravel the error when utilizing the duty scheduler.

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