Celebrating the 9th Anniversary, Niagahoster Holds Charities in Various Cities in Indonesia

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Celebrating The 9Th Anniversary Niagahoster Holds Charities In Various Cities

December 6, 2022

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It’s been 9 years since the journey of the Niagahoster hosting firm in offering the finest, secure, quick and simple service for everybody. In celebrating its 9th anniversary, Niagahoster tries to present and unfold happiness to many individuals by charity occasions that are routinely held yearly.

Taking the theme “Unity in Diver(en)sity”, celebration anniversary The 9th Niagahoster this time illustrates inside range in Niagahoster, the place workers, or those that name themselves “Hoster Rangers”, are unfold throughout Indonesia as a result of the system works Work From Anywhere (WFA) applied by the firm.

Celebrating range in keeping with Niagahoster’s 9th Anniversary theme, Lead Organizer Anniversary Niagahoster 2022, Devin Agasi Adar Napitupulu, stated it was crucial for Niagahoster to contribute to spreading goodness in a number of cities in Indonesia.

“In earlier years, we solely held charity occasions in Jogja, round the Niagahoster workplace. So, this time we are attempting to carry goodness to the wider neighborhood as a result of Hoster Rangers are additionally unfold throughout many areas in Indonesia,” he stated.

Celebrating The 9Th Anniversary Niagahoster Holds Charities In Various Cities
Niagahoster Charity Event In Madura

Aligning Charity with the Anniversary Theme

The theme of range raised at the 9th Anniversary of Niagahoster was welcomed by the Hoster Rangers and this was realized in the implementation of charity occasions in a number of cities in Indonesia with completely different actions. Among others in Jogja, Madura, Malang, and Bandung, which had been held in the fourth week of November 2022.

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Niagahoster’s 9th Anniversary Charity Event PIC, Adith Haris Kurniawati, stated Niagahoster held a charity program that was proper on course, in addition to accommodating and aligned with the theme “Unity in Diver(en)sity”.

“The charity event that we do really goes through research in every area that we want to target and is in accordance with the needs and diversity raised through the big theme of the Niagahoster Anniversary event,” stated the lady who’s familiarly known as Adith.

Not solely the range of cities, the range of charity targets can be a consideration. As a end result, the provision of help additionally contains extra traces. In Jogja, help was offered to 35 youngsters from the Mustika Tama Orphanage as Niagahoster’s deal with the nation’s future youngsters. Meanwhile in Malang, Niagahoster collaborates with the Community Instead of Begging to offer help to underprivileged senior residents who do not need to beg.

“Then we also provided assistance to 30 widows whose husbands died and were in a poor condition in Madura. What is unique is in Bandung because we provide assistance to Animal Shelters. So it really covers all lines and depicts diversity,” Adith defined.

1670295259 20 Celebrating The 9Th Anniversary Niagahoster Holds Charities In Various Cities
Niagahoster Charity Event In Bandung

Hoping to Spread Goodness Wider

Giving again to the neighborhood, in keeping with Adith, is one thing that needs to be achieved usually as a type of Niagahoster’s concern for individuals in want. “Starting from the people around us who we help through charity events every anniversary, we feel happy and proud because we can expand the reach of the community to help this year,” he continued.

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Hoster People, as Niagahoster’s prospects are known as, additionally evokes Hoster Ranger in spreading goodness all through Indonesia. This is as a result of the enthusiasm and help and encouragement from Hoster People enabled Niagahoster to assist construct amenities for the Wali Ate Middle School constructing, Southwest Sumba, East Nusa Tenggara.

“Of course we hope to be able to provide and spread more kindness, inspiration and good vibes to the wider society. Of course I really want to be able to hold a charity event outside of Java, like what Niagahoster did with Hoster People for Wali Ate Middle School,” hoped Adith.

Series of occasions to have fun Anniversary The 9th Niagahoster remains to be ongoing. Among different issues is the occasion Main Event, in addition to numerous particular promotions anniversary.

1670295259 68 Celebrating The 9Th Anniversary Niagahoster Holds Charities In Various Cities
Niagahoster Charity Event In Jogja

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