Can 1 KTP 2 Akulaku Accounts? Check Explanation

Can 1 Ktp 2 Akulaku Accounts?  Check Explanation

Question can 1 KTP 2 Akulaku accounts is a manifestation of the curiosity of the users of this application. The reason is, if you can do it, of course there will be many advantages.

This is because by having two accounts, it means you will also get double credit limit. For those of you who need to shop for various kinds of goods, this method might have crossed your mind as a solution. However, is it really possible to do it?

Can 1 KTP 2 Akulaku Accounts? Here’s the Explanation

Can 1 Ktp 2 Akulaku Accounts?  Here'S The Explanation
Can 1 Ktp 2 Akulaku Accounts? Here’S The Explanation

Currently, thanks to the sophistication of technology, someone will feel the ease of getting credit. Even just armed smartphones and use application just. One of them is Akulaku. Here’s the explanation.

Get to know the Akulaku Application

Basically, Akulaku is a platform online loans application based. Customers or users just need to download the application and create an account to get the service.

Company financial technology (fintech) was founded in 2014 with foundershis were William Li and gordon Hu. Its operational space is in the deep Southeast Asia region granting creditdigital banking, and asset management.

The credit ceiling is quite high. Meanwhile, the interest rate is very low, namely 0.6% with an additional administration fee of 1%. This makes many service users feel helped in meeting their needs.

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Requirements for Having an Account at Akulaku

Requirements For Having An Account At Akulaku
Requirements For Having An Account At Akulaku

Currently facilities credit from Akulaku can be a financing solution without a credit card. You also don’t need to provide collateral when applying for a loan from borrow. Thus, it can be financial solutions easy for many people.

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What you need to do is register or create an account with the following conditions.

  • Own Identity Card (KTP).
  • Minimum age 23 years.
  • Lives in East Java, Central Java, West Java, Greater Jakarta, and Yogyakarta.
  • Attach salary slips for employees.
  • Own NPWP.

Meanwhile, the way to have an account is to download the application and register. The step is to click Register and follow the next instructions.

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Can 1 KTP 2 Akulaku Accounts? This is the answer

Can 1 Ktp 2 Akulaku Accounts?  This Is The Answer
Can 1 Ktp 2 Akulaku Accounts? This Is The Answer

It is possible that one day you will need two accounts. One of the reasons is to increase the loan limit. Can do it with just one ID card just?

Basically, the National Identity Card is the identity you need for create an account at Akulaku. Its function is to verify identity for customers.

Thus, you can only use one KTP to register once. Akulaku prohibits multiple registration for one identity, in order to minimize bad creditors who have the potential to fail to pay.

So, if you want to register for a second account, of course you have to use a different identity or KTP. The solution is to borrow the property of a relative, spouse or relative.

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Akulaku FAQs

Multiple users Akulaku application who have questions regarding its services. The following are some common questions from customers.

  1. Do you need a KTP to register for Akulaku?

The answer to that question is yes. The reason is, you must include this identity during the account creation process. One KTP can only be used for one account.

  1. Can I Re-Register Akulaku?

If you already have an account and are going to re-register with a different account, then all you have to do is close the first account. The trick is to call the hotline 1500920 or number (021) 24112009.

  1. Can I Apply for Credit Twice?

you can only do loan once in one period. If you are going to apply for a second loan, you must pay off the remaining credit first.

The final word

Akulaku is registered with OJK, so all customer data is recorded. So the answer from can 1 KTP 2 Akulaku accounts is not possible. You can only register once. In addition, ensure payment in an orderly manner so as not to enter OJK blacklist.

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