BlackBerry trailer shows the rise and fall of the company

Blackberry Trailer Shows The Rise And Fall Of The Company
The 'Blackberry' Trailer Shows The Rise And Fall Of The Company

RIM was the forerunner of today’s smartphones, but its determination not to embrace change started its decomposition process. In 2016 it changed its name to its product, BlackBerry, but it was dissolved last year after having reached various milestones since it was founded in Canada in 1999. A film will narrate its two decades of history, from the moment the co-founders met met and went on to revolutionize telecommunications.

It will focus on the key moments, including the presentation of the iPhone that marked the before and after in the course of BlackBerry. His inability to adapt to touch screens was the end of him. The film has been shown at various festivals since the start of the year, but won’t be released in Canada and other countries until April 23.

blackberry It is directed by matt johnsonwhich has also adapted the novel on which it is based Jacquie McNish. Among the cast are Jay Baruchel, Glenn HowertonJohnson himself, Cary Elwes, Saul Rubinek, michael ironside, Rich Sommer and Michelle Giroux.


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