Bjorka CCTV Video Turns Cell Phones Off, Really? Here is the Video Link

Bjorka Cctv Video Turns Cell Phones Off, Really?  Here Is The Video Link

Video of Bjorka CCTV makes cellphones turn off is a discussion that is currently being viral on social media. Netizens are busy talking about the circulation of links videos cctv bjorka which he said could make totally dead phone.

The reason is, many people do not believe the news before proving the truth for themselves. Actually, this is not the first time this news has shocked the virtual world, because something like this has happened before. It only applies to types of cellphones with certain specifications.

If you are curious about the latest news viral In this case, you should read the review until it’s finished to find out the truth.

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Video of Bjorka CCTV Makes Cell Phone Dead

Video Of Bjorka Cctv Makes Cell Phone Dead
Video Of Bjorka Cctv Makes Cell Phone Dead

Video bjorka CCTV makes cellphones turn off is news that has spread widely on social media, especially in TikTok which currently has many users. The video went viral starting with a Tiktok user who uploaded the video, so it became trending and go inside fyp.

That’s why many people know about it video Bjorka CCTV, which made the cell phone turn off, has become a trending topic on the internet. The viral video shows CCTV footage from a cafe with a narration back sound from Bjorka which can make the cellphone turn off completely or go blank.

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There have been several people who have tried to watch the video and in the end they also experienced the same thing, namely conditions Mobile phone they experience lag or blanks. However, not everyone who watched the video experienced the same thing and it didn’t make their cellphone turn off, only the video paused for a moment.

1. Causes of cell phones turning off when playing Bjorka videos

Causes Of Cell Phones Turning Off When Playing Bjorka Videos
Causes Of Cell Phones Turning Off When Playing Bjorka Videos

Actually, there’s nothing special about videos the cctv, but when netizens played the video, some of them experienced that their cellphones turned off or went blank when used to watch the video.

A YouTuber named Opik Hanapi tried to review the video that was currently viral using an iPhone type cellphone. He shared his experience while watching the Bjorka CCTV video and it didn’t turn off his cellphone, but only stopped for a moment.

From this evidence, it was concluded that not everyone will experience the same thing when watching video the bjorka cctv. The cellphone turns off while playing the video, of course there are many reasons that could be the cause.

One reason is that not everyone has a cellphone with the same specifications. Meanwhile, to watch viral videos it must have a very high resolution, so not all cellphones are able to play the viral video.

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Under these conditions, it can make the cellphone lag or go blank and even the cellphone used to watch the Bjorka CCTV video will die. So, if you are still forced to watch, then what will happen is that the cellphone can experience interference or errors, because the cellphone specifications are unable to play videos and eventually the cellphone will die.

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2. Bjorka’s video link turns off the cellphone

Bjorka'S Video Link Makes The Cellphone Turn Off
Bjorka’S Video Link Makes The Cellphone Turn Off

For those of you who are curious about the viral Bjorka CCTV video, you can watch it via the following video link:

Download Video Bjorka

You can download the Bjorka CCTV video which can make your cellphone turn off via this link. By watching the video, you can prove the truth yourself.

The final word

Bjorka cctv videos make cellphones turn off is a viral video on social media, especially TikTok, which makes many social media users curious to prove it. Now you can try watching the video to see for yourself whether it is true that the cellphone can turn off while watching the video or not.

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