Arrow Lake S processors would have up to 24 cores and use DDR5-6400

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Arrow Lake S Processors Would Have Up To 24 Cores And Use Ddr5-6400

Rumors about the next generations of Intel Core processors are mixed, but some say it would skip the Meteor Lake S, for desktops, and focus on the “Arrow Lake S”. Intel has said on several occasions that Meteor Lake will arrive as planned by the end of the year, but has not said for which sectors. They could be limited to laptops. Be that as it may, the Arrow Lake S would use a new LGA 1851 socket, and would have a configuration of eight P cores and sixteen E cores.

It would be the same as the current Raptor Lake S, but with significant architecture and energy efficiency improvements because Intel should use at least its 3nm lithographic process with them. These processors, whether called Meteor Lake S or Arrow Lake S, would arrive in the first half of 2024.

The LGA 1851 socket size would be the same, 45mm × 37.5mm, and the motherboards would use the 800-series chipsets (H810, B860, H870, and Z890). There would be an increase in the number of PCIe channels that could move both the Arrow Lake processors and the chipsets that the motherboards would include. They would use DDR5-6400 memory as standard before resorting to Extreme Memory Profiles (XMP).

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