Apple will avoid mass layoffs unlike the rest of the big technology companies

Apple Continues To Generate Record Revenue Reaching $90.146M In Q3 2022

Big technology companies are in a race to put off the most quantity of workers to higher face the close to future. But these layoffs have needed to do with the different race that they carried out between 2020 and 2022 to rent workers, so these layoffs are a correction of a euphoria that seized the managers of companies comparable to Google, Intel, Microsoft or Amazon. All of them are slicing workers, together with many others, so Apple is the anomaly as a result of it’s not going to fireplace.

If you evaluation the quantity of workers of companies which are in a rush to put off, you possibly can see that, for instance, Meta elevated its workforce by 94% between September 2019 and September 2022. Amazon doubled it, Microsoft elevated it by 53% and Alphabet (Google) had 57% extra workers at the finish of that interval. However, Apple has been extra restrained in increasing its workforce solely 20% in three years.

Another purpose Apple is not going to put off is as a result of the hires have gone to tasks that the firm believes will be worthwhile and never tasks that they do not know will be worthwhile or not, like Google’s Area 120. Finally, that the hiring of workers by Apple is accompanied by fewer social and day-to-day advantages. For instance, it’s a must to pay for the meals in the cafeterias of the firm buildings, unlike Google, which is free.

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In the finish, all these extras add as much as an quantity that weighs on the firm’s accounts, so as an alternative of having to put off a thousand workers, every other big technology firm might need to put off twice as many. Therefore, and as I’ve already mentioned on a number of events, the layoffs need to do with the slowdown in the financial system coupled with a hiring profession in the final three years that has not gone properly for any firm. Except, of course, Apple.


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