Andromeda: A supercomputer for artificial intelligence with 13.5 million cores

Andromeda: A Supercomputer For Artificial Intelligence With 13.5 Million Cores

Access a 16-core processor for lower than 650 {dollars} It’s a formidable achievement, however that setup pales compared to the firepower some supercomputers. The case of Andromeda Brains stands out not solely for its staggering variety of cores, however for the kind of work it does, aiming squarely on the artificial intelligence.

One of the most typical pc issues is the scalingor moderately, their lack. I imply throwing twice as a lot {hardware} on an issue and anticipating to resolve it in half the time, solely to seek out that it would not work that method. But parallelism has improved loads, permitting us to realize extraordinary ranges of efficiency. Without going too far, the supercomputer frontier was the primary to cross the exaFLOP barrier, including almost 9 million cores between processors and GPUs.

With that in thoughts, we arrived on the gates of brainswhich simply officially introduce its Andromeda supercomputer. The very first thing that strikes you about Andromeda is the entire variety of cores, 13.5 million to be extra exact. However, that is to not say that it outperforms Frontier. In reality, we’re earlier than two completely different creatures, each in software and in price. While Frontier can simulate the lifetime of a nuclear reactor or assault genetics issues, Andromeda’s precedence is artificial intelligence.

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Andromeda Brains: Nearly Perfect Scaling

Andromeda A Supercomputer For Artificial Intelligence With 135 Million Cores
The Andromeda Supercomputer In Motion

The official Andromeda page devotes a complete part to supercomputer scalability in “large language models” (learn LLM) corresponding to GPT-3, GPT-J and GPT-NeoX. Its configuration relies on 16 Cerebras CS-2 programs, creating between 14.5 and 15.8 instances the efficiency of a single CS-2. Brains talks about multiple exaFLOP in “artificial intelligence operations”and 120 petaFLOPs of “dense operations”combining an enormous variety of cores, RAM, and solid-state storage.

1669295050 556 Andromeda A Supercomputer For Artificial Intelligence With 135 Million Cores
By Including Extra Nodes, The Scaling Is Nearly Excellent

Another very attention-grabbing facet of Andromeda is the design of its processor, the WSE-2. It’s a chip wafer scale, which makes use of nearly your entire silicon wafer, and has three bodily planes. The first of them is for communications, the second accumulates 40 gigabytes of SRAM (rather more costly and sooner than the DRAM in our computer systems), and the third is for arithmetic operations, with 850 thousand unbiased cores and three.4 million floating level items. Each of the nodes is linked to a backplane with a bandwidth that reaches 96.8 terabits per second.

1669295050 82 Andromeda A Supercomputer For Artificial Intelligence With 135 Million Cores
That “Wafer” Is A Single Processor

As if that weren’t sufficient, Andromeda additionally has a financial institution of AMD EPYC processors (18,176 cores in whole), who put together and coordinate the info to be analyzed. How a lot does all this {hardware} price? In cash, 35 million {dollars} for its building. In power, approx. 500 kilowatts beneath full load.

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