Analysis: Teufel Supreme On, great sound in a small format

Analysis: Teufel Supreme On, Great Sound In A Small Format

the german company teufel It has four decades of history in the field of producing audio equipment, especially loudspeakers, but these days it has a multitude of Bluetooth headphones. Many users prefer on-ear models, the ones that fit over the ear, because they are smaller, weigh less, and are easier to carry. Among them are the Supreme On from this company, which may be of interest to the right user.



The Supreme On They arrive in a recycled cardboard box whose cover puts a red sticker warning that you have to look for information on the headphones on their website. That only refers to the fact that they are compatible with the mobile app. Teufel Headphones, and nothing more. It’s a very eye-catching sticker for just that.

Once the box is opened, you can see that the headphones are in a protective plastic bag. When taking out the tray in which they go you can a box with accessories, and two small manuals with technical and warranty information. Accessories include a gray carrying bag, a USB Type-A to USB Type-C cable for charging, and a 3.5mm audio jack for use in this way.

Turning to look at the headphones, They are of the supraural type with a headband, light and with their small cups. The headband has good padding lined with synthetic leather with a nice pattern, and fabric on the outside. They are pretty nice headphones. The cups can extend a few centimeters, and the vast majority of users should fit them in a good position.

The problem of supraural headphones is well known to those of us who wear glasses: they bother. Because they stay on the ear, they pinch the ear more and you usually stick your sideburns in. In my case, I had to remove my glasses to try these headphones because they bothered me a lot with them. It is something known from this type of headphones, so knowing it is not a bad thing. If you have to wear glasses all day, don’t buy them.

Once I’ve lifted the temples out of their place a bit to test the Supreme On, I found them quite comfortable. They do not tighten excessively, they allow them to be adjusted something, and I don’t think anyone is going to have much trouble finding a suitable position for use. Being so light, the other advantage of on-ear headphones, you hardly notice that they are being worn.

The cups have sufficient padding, although less than that of circumaurals as usual. It is lined with good quality synthetic leather. The ear pads can be easily removed by pulling on them a bit so they can be replaced when they start to get worn enough which always adds longevity to audio products. The cups can be folded to make it easy to fit into the carry bag, so they take up little space.

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in the left cup It has the power button, the light that indicates the connection status, the USB type C socket and the 3.5 mm socket. in the right cup there is a little lever that allows you to control the volume and skip forward or backward songs, but it has other uses. For example, holding it down to the right will fast-forward the song, which isn’t usually a feature you see on headphones.



Entering to look at the technical characteristics of the Teufel Supreme One, the headphones are connected through Bluetooth 5.0. It has a range of over twenty meters, although the real one will depend on where they are used and the walls that are in between. I have been quite surprised that I have been able to use them without problems in any part of my house having the PC in the living room, even in the main bedroom that is more than ten meters away with several walls in between.

For quick pairing includes NFC on the left cup, and are headphones that will automatically pause or play music when you put them on or off. They are very light earphones, of only 160 gramswhich is one of the things you look for in an on-ear headset.

Supreme On by Teufel
Guy closed on-ears
Connection Bluetooth 5.0
Transducers 40mm neodymium
Autonomy 25 p.m.
Frequency 10Hz to 20,000Hz
Impedance 26 ohms
Codecs AAC, aptX
charging connector usb type c
set weight 160g
Microphone yes, omnidirectional
RRP €149.99

As for the transducers, They are 40 mm neodymium, with a frequency response between 10 and 20,000 Hz, with an impedance of 26 ohms. They include AAC and aptX sound. In general, they cover music reproduction perfectly. They have a somewhat warm sound, so the frequency response is not neutral, but in general, anyone who uses them will not be able to fault them excessively. The lowest bass appears well represented, although the deepest ones are lost a bit as in any headset. Still, he does a very good job with them, and they’re slightly buffed, which some users will like.

These headphones include omnidirectional microphones and they do a good job of capturing the user’s voice. You have to speak loud to properly capture the voice, or increase the recording power. It does a good job of filtering out the voice and doesn’t introduce additional noise, although the voice sounds slightly canned, but it’s clearly heard. Taking into account that they are not headphones that have communication as their main objective, they cover this section perfectly.

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Teufel speaks of an autonomy of about 25 hours, and it’s more or less made do with music at 40% on an iPhone 11. It may have fallen a little short, but I’ve been able to use them for five days straight with no problem, since I mainly use them at night. It is a good autonomy. As they can be used while charging with the 1.2m USB Type-C cable -better if you have a longer one by home-although it will not be ideal, they do not have any problem in this area.

Mobile app

Teufel maintains an app in the iOS and Android stores called Teufel Headphones that give access to the configuration of the Supreme On. In general it works well, although it is still quite basic. After the pairing process, the battery level and equalization options will be displayed on a screen and a feature called ShareMe that allows you to share what you are listening to with other nearby Teufel headphones.

EQ is pretty basic and only allows you to bulk adjust the frequencies by sliding a single point between the frequency ranges. That will show the drag effect it has on the rest of the frequencies and that is why I don’t like to equalize the sound. Personally I have preferred to leave it with the sound that it comes with by default because it is better heard with any type of music.

The configuration section Allows you to unpause the headset, set the sleep timer, disable voice assistant, update the firmware of the headphones and access a quick guide with information on the controls of the Supreme On. This app is quite simple, but nothing else is needed either.

Big sound in a small format


As I have indicated above, on-ear headphones will be a bad buy for those of us who wear glasses all day. That somewhat limits the profile of the buyer, but it is also limited by earphones or circumaurals because not all headphones are comfortable for every user. I do not consider it a negative of the Teufel Supreme On because it is something inherent to the type of product.

If you don’t wear glasses, they are actually quite comfortable. They are not excessively tight but they stay in position well, and are almost not noticeable when wearing them. They are the advantages for those who want to take them from one place to another: light and small. The transport case helps with this.

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Entering the field that matters, the sound is excellent. I’ve tested them with an even greater variety of songs because I usually start with Blood || Toilet from Grandson to test the bass, and I really liked the ones on these headphones. It plays the song perfectly, just losing some definition in the deeper bass, but the same is true for the QuietComfort 35 II I use daily. The bass is turned up a bit, which will please those who want their heads pounding.

The sound of the medium and treble frequencies is noticeable somewhat warmer And at first it sounds pretty good. If you compare it with headphones with a neutral frequency response, you will already notice that they are slightly modified in the Supreme On, but as they arrive they sound quite good. They have a very nice and clear sound, more so than most headphones I test. It doesn’t sit as well with dance songs as opposed to electronic ones or rockFor example Dream on from Aerosmith or I want out from Helloween, but taking into account that it is not a neutral sound, the resulting sound is good, although with that extra bass.

If you are looking for a neutral sound by default, a flatter frequency response, you can always equalize the soundalthough I personally consider that it is far from ideal and I personally never do it. The app isn’t much of a help in this area either, with a preset of rock I don’t think it brings real improvements in the quality of this type of music -Bush too much treble—but that is already a very subjective question.

Otherwise, the features of these headphones are good. Quick NFC pairing always brings convenience. Let it auto-pause when taking them off as well and is usually much more useful. USB type C charging is already what is required by law in the European Union, and its autonomy of about twenty hours of playback is somewhat low for me but quite adequate for the small size of these headphones. In short, if you want good on-ear headphones, you should seriously consider Teufel’s Supreme On because they really don’t have any drawbacks but they do have very good features.

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The best
  • Good audio quality, slightly warm.
  • Light, foldable and easy to transport.
  • Comfortable if you don’t wear glasses.

  • They bother when used with glasses like any supraural model.
  • The app has a very basic equalization.

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