AMD would be preparing processors for the AM5 socket based on the Rembrandt and Phoenix

Amd Would Be Preparing Processors For The Am5 Socket Based On The Rembrandt And Phoenix
Amd Would Be Preparing Processors For The Am5 Socket Based On The Rembrandt And Phoenix

The varied Ryzen 7000 generation includes various monolithic processors mainly for laptops, such as the so-called Phoenix, which integrate Zen 4 cores with RDNA 2 graphics units. AMD would once again be working on bringing them to desktop computers, specifically for the AM5 socket, which would to make the powerful Radeon 780M graphics unit available to a larger audience.

They are processors with a chip manufactured at 4 nm and up to eight cores, so they would be very interesting for a wide sector of gamers. They would provide good general and graphics power without having to resort to a dedicated graphics card. The Radeon 780M has a computing power of 4.3 TFLOPS, and combining it with the DDR5-6000 could have good graphics performance. In the absence of serious analysis of this iGPU, it could walk on a GTX 1650.

I would also be working on bringing the so-called Rembrandts to the AM5 socket, which have made up the Ryzen 6000 and which include the previous iGPU, the Radeon 680M, which is also quite powerful with up to 3.69 TFLOPS. They have a chip manufactured at 6 nm with up to eight Zen 3 cores.

The iGPU in the current Ryzen 5700G has a compute power of 2 TFLOPS, so bringing these processors from laptops to desktops would provide a massive graphics performance boost. They would be ideal processors for mini-PCs and computers that only play sporadically. And with 4 TFLOPS of power, playing at FHD and medium-high quality at 60 f/s in demanding games would be the norm.

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