Amazon Daily Quiz Answers Today (March 16th, 2023), Win Rs 5,000 Time, Results, Winners

Amazon Daily Quiz Answers Today (March 16Th, 2023), Win Rs 5,000 Time, Results, Winners

The Amazon Daily Quiz has become an online contest that is highly sought-after since its inception. The contest was first introduced in 2017. quiz is administered by Amazon Sellers Services Private Limited and has gained a lot of attention with Indian viewers. The test consists of five questions, each of which have to be answered correctly to be qualified to win the prize. Questions cover a broad range of current and general information, and the participants have to select the right answer from a set of four choices. The participants who are able to complete all questions are in a drawing for a prize However, a mistake will remove participants from the contest. Additionally, the game provides Amazing prizes, like Amazon Pay balances and other similar quizzes will increase your odds of winning iPhones gaming laptops, special discounts, and more.

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Amazon Daily Quiz today: questions and answers for (March 16th, 2023), win Rs 5,000

Question 1: Who was the player of the match in the very first game of the 2023 Women’s Premier League?

Answer: Harmanpreet Kaur

Question 2: The Amazon Prime show ‘The Terminal List’ stars which of these actors in the lead role?

Answer: Chris Pratt

Question 3: Mount Kilimanjaro is the highest peak in which continent?

Answer: Africa

Question 4: This famous structure is located in which city in the southern hemisphere?

Answer: Sydney

Question 5: This photograph is taken in which of these places famous for a mangrove forest?

Answer: Sundarbans

What exactly is Amazon Funzone?

Amazon Funzone is a one-stop store for new games and quizzes as well as answering questions daily to win exciting prizes. Many contests are offered on Amazon Funzone However, the most popular is Amazon Daily Quiz. Apart from Daily Quiz, Amazon also provides spin, trivia, win, and various other contests. On Funzone prizes range from consumer electronic gadgets to cashback in the format in the form of Amazon pay balance.

What’s the Amazon Daily Quiz?

It is an Amazon daily test is an app-only feature that is available to all users. Amazon states that its customers are eligible to take home “exciting prizes each and every day”. Amazon Daily Quiz was previously scheduled to begin with the start time of 8am IST earlier, but it has since changed to a 24 hour quiz. The quiz will be open for 24 hours. There is no evidence to suggest that starting earlier will affect the chance of the chance of winning. The quiz can be played through Amazon’s mobile application. It’s not possible for you to take part in this quiz using a browser on the internet.

The prizes vary daily, and can be a gift or cashback. There have been times when Amazon offers prizes such as the Apple iPhone XS, Samsung Galaxy Note 9 and portable speakers and Fossil smartwatches to winners of the daily contest. The company even gave the winner Rs . 25,000 as the Amazon pay balance.

The chances that you will win the Amazon Daily Quiz are very difficult to calculate. Amazon Seller Services Private Limited who hosts this quiz is not able to provide the typical number of participants. It is however possible to expect that this number will be large because Amazon has a massive client base across the nation.

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Additionally, you can set up a reminder to be notified whenever the quiz starts at 8am on every day. Based on the amount of people taking the test, your chances of winning may alter. Amazon also makes public the name, the redacted email address and contact number that the prize winner has on its site.

How can you participate to this contest? Amazon Daily Quiz contest?

Amazon Daily Quiz is an app-only contest that requires smartphone in order to take part. The steps required to take the test are as follows If you decide to participate in the Amazon Daily Quiz, it is essential to know that you’ll get into the draw only if you are able to correctly answer each of the five questions. You will not be entered into the lottery if choose the wrong answer on one question. But, you’ll still be allowed to finish the test. This is the way Amazon separates users for the draw.

To be eligible to participate, you must be a legally citizen in India. Republic of India. You must have selected India as your country of residence in the settings of your account on You must be of the age of 18 or over at the time you apply to participate in the contest. You must present an acceptable proof of identity that proves your age. This could include a Voter ID card or PAN card, driving License as well as an Indian Passport. It is essential to have a valid account with a billing address within the country of India. You must not have a job with Amazon or a family member. Amazon advisors, affiliates, and contest agencies are not qualified either.

The steps to play the the Amazon Daily Quiz competition

  1. Download the Amazon mobile app from the Google Play Store or App Store
  2. Log in using the already existing Amazon ID to create an account for the first time.
  3. After you have authenticated with the application you can search to find “Funzone” in the search field.
  4. Select the initial page you get with the description “win prizes through daily games”
  5. When you are in the Funzone there will be an advertising banner that shows Daily QuizTime
  6. It is vital to keep in mind the fact that Daily QuizTime is active only between 8am and 12pm.
  7. Tap on to the Play Now button on top of the Daily Quiz banner
  8. In the first window, you will display the day’s prize before an option to start the game.
  9. Click the Start button in order to start the test
  10. Five steps must complete five questions correctly to pass the quiz.
  11. When you have answered the correct questions If you answer all five questions correctly, you automatically get into the draw for the chance to win the prize.
  12. The final screen of this quiz will give you the choice of sharing the quiz with friends or take part in more games like this one.

The Amazon Daily Quiz Prizes

Amazon Daily Quiz prizes are changing on a daily basis, however, it typically offers expensive things like smartphones as well as huge cashback. It recently offered 25,000 rupees as the Amazon pay balance. It also gave away the Samsung Galaxy Watch Active 2 in the course of the contest. Other prizes in previous years have included Apple iPhone XS, Samsung Galaxy Note 9 as well as portable speakers and the Fossil Explorist smartwatch.

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Have you won anything on any prizes from the Amazon Daily Quiz?

One of the most important concerns with one of the biggest concerns about Amazon Daily Quiz is whether it’s authentic. Although there isn’t any evidence to suggest this quiz authentic, several users have raised doubts about the winners. To verify the legitimacy of the winners of the quiz, Amazon has started revealing the names and redacted telephone numbers and email addresses that the prize winners have. But, there are severalReddit posts asking what the validity of these winners is. genuine.

“By taking part to the competition, you grant permission to Amazon to use your name, face or image, voice or appearance, as well as photos videos, recordings of video and similar material in connection with competitions or other promotions,” – this clause in the T&C is not helpful either.

Priyanshu Raj is a student at Birla Institute of Technology Mesra posted on Quora about the test. He has confirmed that this quiz was legitimate and has posted a picture of an email sent by Amazon in which he was awarded an Amazon Pay balance of around Rs 60,000. You can verify the claim below. Our team member also received a prize for participation in the Amazon Pay DTH’s Quiz as you see below, they were sent an email asking them to claim the prize. Also, Amazon Funzone quizzes do appear authentic, but patience is key in this case.

What criteria are used to select the Amazon Daily Quiz winners chosen?

The winner is chosen by the pool of participants in the contest. Your name is entered into the pool when you have answered the questions correctly. The winner is chosen from this pool through the lucky draw which includes the names of everyone who answered correctly. One winner is chosen every day from this random drawing of a large number for this contest on Amazon Daily Quiz. It certainly appears to be automated.

Amazon daily quiz winner announcement 2023

On the terms and conditions page, Amazon reveals that the winner of the Daily Quiz will be announced within a couple of hours after the contest’s closing. This Daily Quiz contest used to end at 12pm each day earlier, but it will now close at 11:59pm. When the contest is finished the winning details will be displayed to the site. The winner will also be reached via email and text message.

What is the process by which Amazon give the prizes?

Amazon does not provide information on how winners will be notified of their prize. It is likely that following notification of the winners, they has been received via electronic mail or text, they’ll be given the chance to speak the Amazon Sellers Services Private Limited to pick up their prize. Given that we are talking about Amazon in this instance, we assume that it will bring the prize directly to their doorstep in the case of a winning product. In the case of Amazon Pay cashback to be recognized, it must appear into your account for the prize winner right away.

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The Amazon Daily Quiz Contest: Terms and conditions

  1. If you are able to answer all quiz questions correctly, then you are eligible to participate in the draw to win a prize.
  2. A lucky drawing will be played by those who completed all the questions correctly.
  3. The draw for the lot will take place during the contest time and a winner will be chosen for the prize specified during the contest.
  4. Every winner will be qualified to win only one prize in accordance with the contest rules.
  5. Amazon may run the same contest in conjunction with daily quizzes, and you’ll not be eligible to win prizes or prizes included within other competitions. Every contest is treated as an individual entry.
  6. When you sign up for your name in the competition, you are agreeing to be added to an email list to receive promotions and other information from Amazon.
  7. To opt out you may change or modify your preferences for email.
  8. Participation in the contest is completely voluntary and, by taking part you agree that the contest is not associated with or sponsored or by Apple Inc.
  9. Amazon could change its T&Cs of the contest or even cancel it at anytime.
  10. This contest may also be susceptible to the effects of force majeure, which include, but not limited to, floods natural disasters, conflicts or acts of terror political disturbances, technical issues, the acts by God or any other circumstances that are beyond the influence of Amazon.
  11. Participating by participating in this contest, you grant permission to Amazon to make use of your name, likeness images, voice and/or appearance, as well as photos video recordings, and similar material for the purpose of the contest or any other promotions.
  12. Amazon will notify the winner via either SMS or email. The name of the winner will be published on Amazon’s website within 10 days.
  13. All information disclosed as part of this contest is handled in accordance with Amazon’s privacy policy.

Answers to the Amazon Daily Quiz today (March 15th 2023) and win Rs 1,000.

  • New Zealand
  • Ms Marvel
  • Nepal
  • Bhutan
  • Ahmedabad

Answers to the Amazon Daily Quiz today (March 14th 2023) and get Rs 500.

  • Kiara Advani
  • Sharmila Tagore
  • Sherlock Holmes
  • Rumi Darwaza
  • Antartica

Answers to the Amazon Daily Quiz today (March 13th 2023) and you can win Rs 2,500

  • Danlil Medvedev
  • Everything, Everywhere, All in One Place
  • Sperm Whale
  • The Its Founder
  • Italy

Amazon Daily Quiz : Answers today (March 12th 2023) and you can you could win the amount of Rs 5,000.

  • DY Patil Stadium
  • Michael B Jordon
  • 1950
  • Starbucks
  • Berlin

Amazon Daily Quiz : Answers today (March 11th 2023) and get Rs. 1,250

  • Delhi Capitals
  • Vijay Sethupathi
  • RK Narayan
  • Aquaman
  • Dodo

Answers to the Amazon Daily Quiz today (March 10th 2023) and get 500 rupees.

  • Nathan Lyon
  • Pathaan
  • Bitcoin
  • Maharashtra
  • European Union

Answers to Amazon Daily Quiz today (March 9th 2023) and you can get Rs 2,500

  • UP Warriorz
  • Zakir Hussain
  • Salman Rushdie
  • Japan
  • Dragonball

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