Aim Carrom 2.6.6 Mod APK Premium Unlocked Download 2023

Aim Carrom 2.6.6 Mod Apk Premium Unlocked Download 2023

If you own an Android device, you can now get your hands on the premium version of Aim Carrom with the latest Mod Apk. All of the premium options have been unlocked. If you’re interested in learning more about Aim Carrom 2.6.6 mod Apk iOS and Android, as well as how to download and instal it, then you should read this article to the conclusion.

Mod Information

Name Aim Carrom Mod Apk
Size 20MB
Developer Aim Carrom
Platfrom Android
Genre Arcade
Android 5.1
Online/Offline Both
Mod Premium Unlocked
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About Aim Carrom

Aim Carrom Apk is a well-designed platform that may be utilised to set up a significant carrom player, as is generally known. It’s as if you’re doing this while keeping an inquisitive rivet on your eyes along the expanding cosmos road, carefully assessing its true scale and twists.

Contrasting the straight shot, the bank kick, and the quick shot, Aimbest enables you to build an error-free delicate kick. has developed the Android app Aim Carrom, which is a trained game software, and the strongly upright trickery app Power Trick. There was a correlation between the two of these innovations.

When you have it installed on your smartphone, you will have access to an app that acts as an appeal on the vast majority of devices currently running Android. You’ll know right away that it’s powered by Android, yet the end result is still distinctive.

Features of Aim Carrom 2.6.6 Mod Apk Premium Unlocked

Those who enjoy Carrom will find that Aim Carrom increases the thrill of victory.

Have A Longer Aim

You will notice an improvement in your aim while using this application. You are able to determine which shot will provide you the most hits and the maximum number of pots that you can build. You will also be aware of the outcomes that can be expected if you play a particular shot in a particular direction.

Complete Command Over All Aspects Of The Game

If you know what is going to happen before you shoot your carrom disc, you will be able to control your shots and get more points as a result. This is what you can expect from using this software. You will have greater control over your shots because the entire aim as well as the shooting points will be visible to you, but they will not be visible to your opponent. As a result, you will be able to hit the striker in whatever manner you choose.

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No Ban

The fact that the app makes use of intelligent technology means that there is no risk that the official game may exclude your ID from participation. You will have an unfair advantage over the other players because this is a utility tool; nevertheless, you do not need to worry about having your account compromised because this programme will not allow that to happen.

Modify the length of the line

If you are playing Carrom Pool while using this software, then you will have the ability to extend the length of the aim line that is displayed on the screen. The larger line will encourage you to improve your aim before you begin playing any shots.

Increase Your Chances of Winning Matches

Who doesn’t love to kill time with a few games on their smartphone or tablet these days? There are now more mobile gaming possibilities than ever before because to the rise in smartphone penetration. A wide variety of games, such as RPGs, driving games, action games, video games, puzzle games, and many more, are now available for play on your mobile device.

Classic table games like pool and carrom, as well as modern takes on these classics, are also available. Get Aim Carrom downloaded right away to increase your odds of winning Carrom right away.

If you like Carrom already, this premium Unlocked will take your enthusiasm to a whole new level. Apps, in their most basic definition, are programmes that add functionality to a mobile device. Having a line allows you to pinpoint the exact location of the ball with pinpoint accuracy.

By providing clear direction, this tool helps players better aim their shots. You may stop speculating about the ball’s future trajectory now that its path is clearly visible. You can win more games without getting caught. Simply put, it’s a useful tool.

Improved Viewing Distance For The Pitch

A wide range of games can be played in the larger ball sight right now. If you’re a Carrom player, you know how difficult it can be to consistently win games. There are a lot of good players in today’s game, so you’ll have to work hard to win. Unless you have a great deal of experience, you won’t be able to forecast where the ball will travel, which makes the game challenging.

Aim Carrom is really helpful in this circumstance because it expands your field of view to encompass the entire line, allowing you to aim more precisely. Now that the queue is there in front of you, you may stop trying to picture it in your mind. Here, you can choose between three different lines!

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Use At No Cost Or Risk

You can use this app without worrying about losing access to your account. By employing AI for image identification, it generates a reliable stream of images that are 100% risk-free.

With this software, you’ll be able to exert more influence over the game and score more wins. Just test it out in-game and see how it performs for you right now. How easy and clear-cut the process is will astound you.

It’s not uncommon for gadgets of this ilk to cost a pretty penny. Conversely, you can play Aim Carrom without spending a dime right now! Classic games can be played on it, as well as games with multiple participants.

Gameplay of Aim Carrom

In Aim Carrom, the action is constantly shifting, and several people can compete against one another. Do players receive comprehensive instructions before starting the game to help them learn the rules and mechanics of the game quickly?

Six pucks are white, six are black, and one is red; these are all around the table. The four holes along the table’s edge are where you want to aim your attacker’s shots. You can choose to fire either black or white pucks, depending on your preference.

Like dribbling, shooting a ball presents no difficulty to the players. The power plot’s location will determine the default game angle for all available strikers.

When kicking a target, it’s probable that you’ll need to rely on a particular set of firing angles. Tap the beam in a smooth, even motion, and then move to the right or left to change the striker’s angle. So, if you’re ready to fire, go ahead. As long as it stays somewhat close to the centre of gravity, your claim will have a lot of credence.

Shots on the Cushion

This aids in aiming towards the board and striking your carrom pieces with precision. The cushion acts as the board’s edges, allowing you to make a swing at the carrom pieces you can’t get to directly.

Jumping Shots

Sometimes we just don’t know what carrom piece our striker will land on. Our careless bouncing of the opposing team’s pieces has helped them advance and ultimately win the game. Aim Carrom Mod Apk, however, allows you to anticipate bounces and set up a perfect angle, leaving your opponents with no chance.

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Target with a Laser Beam:

To switch from a white aim line to a laser line or another colour, download the Aim Carrom Mod Apk. The Lazer line gives your game a whole new level of excitement by glowing in contrast to the standard white aim line.

Key Features of Aim Carrom Mod Apk 2023

  • There are effective and helpful components in the aim carrom set-up.
  • As a result of being around robots, one’s horizons expand.
  • There is no attach feature in the current version of Aim Carrom.
  • This is not a secure or protective option.
  • recognition of visual content by AI systems.
  • Plan forward logically like a Carrom player.
  • As the sickness progresses or reverses, it becomes clear that none of the gadgets can be trusted to keep a given file safe.
  • Aim Carrom’s potential usefulness is unpredictable.

How To Download Aim Carrom 2.6.6 Mod Apk For Android Latest Version

Downloading games and apps from Yesmody is quite easy. All you have to do is adhere to the instructions listed below: –

  • To download the Aim Carrom 2.6.6 Mod Apk File via Mediafire link, click the Download button below.
  • Locate the file in your file manager’s download folder once it has downloaded to your device.
  • Install Aim Carrom 2.6.6 Mod Apk Premium Unlocked now, and be sure to remove any earlier versions you might have installed first.
  • Open the file once it has been installed to use its premium features.


.button {
background-image: linear-gradient(to right, #00e087, #a8eb12);
color: white;
font-family: Arial Bold;
font-size: 30px;
text-decoration: none;
padding: 10px;
background-image: linear-gradient(to right, #12b378, #12b378);
color: white;
font-family: Arial Bold;
font-size: 30;
text-decoration: none;
padding: 10px;

Download Now

var downloadButton = document.getElementById(“download”);
var counter = 20;
var newElement = document.createElement(“b”);
newElement.innerHTML = “20 sec”;
var id;
downloadButton.parentNode.replaceChild(newElement, downloadButton);
function startDownload() { = ‘none’;
id = setInterval(function () {
if (counter < 0) {
newElement.parentNode.replaceChild(downloadButton, newElement);
} else {
newElement.innerHTML = +counter.toString() + ” Sec”;
}, 1500);
var clickbtn = document.getElementById(“btn”);
clickbtn.onclick = startDownload;


The updated Aim Carrom 2.6.6 mod Apk for Android devices is now available for download. Access to all paid features is now enabled, and instructions for getting it onto an Android smartphone are provided. You’ll be able to hit your target with more accuracy because to Aim Carrom’s widening field of view over the entire line. The use of AI for picture recognition results in a secure, risk-free stream of photos. This programme does not put your account at risk in any way, so feel free to use it without hesitation. Detailed Instructions On How To Get The Most Recent Version Of The Mod Apk For Aim Carrom 2.6.6 On Android.

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