a revolution for creators?

A Revolution For Creators?

A Revolution For Creators

YouTube is also using artificial intelligence! The platform is working on new tools based on generative AI to help creators produce original content more easily. The door open to excess?

Since OpenAI unveiled ChatGPT to the general public, everyone wants to integrate AI into their platforms and services! It started with Microsoft quickly integrating a chatbot into its Bing search engine and Edge browser, followed by a counterattack from Google with its own artificial intelligence. Since then, many digital players are also getting started! Amazon is also working on integration into its connected assistant Alexa, while Snaptchat has just integrated ChatGPT into the paid version of its social network. As for Meta, it recently unveiled its LLaMA model. Of course, YouTube was not going to escape it! While the CEO of the streaming platform for almost a decade, Susan Wojcicki, left the company in mid-February, new boss Neal Mohan announces the development of new generative AI-based tools for creators In his first letter to the community. “The power of AI is just beginning to emerge, in a way to reinvent video and make possible the seemingly impossible,” he explains. The goal will be to make it possible to create even more impressive videos, while having few means. These new tools should be available in the coming months.

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YouTube: AI-powered tools for creators

First, the new boss of YouTube plans to make available to creators “more tools to make a living doing what they love”apart from the monetization of videos by advertising, “by growing our subscription business, investing in shopping and continually improving our paid digital goods offerings.“He also plans to expand access to the feature to add language tracks to their videos, make content more accessible to people who are deaf and hard of hearing, and add automatic subtitles in more languages. He also wants to make it easier to production and publication of podcasts on the platform, and offer them to YouTube Music users in the United States and later in other regions. It also plans to allow RSS integration to provide an alternative way to download shows on YouTube and more listening options.Finally, the Google platform plans to develop reaction videos via the Shorts.

Of course, YouTube cannot ignore artificial intelligence in 2023. Also, the streaming service plans to provide creators with AI-powered tools to “develop their storytelling and increase the value of their production, whether it’s virtually swapping outfits or creating a fantasy movie set through the generative capabilities of AI“. Because, if until now, it is mainly the AIs generating text – like ChatGPT and Bing AI – and images – like DALL-E and Midjourney – which occupy the front of the Web, artificial intelligence does not should soon tackle the video – OpenAI is also working on a tool to generate videos from textual commands.

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However, YouTube teams are cautious in their approach – no doubt they learned from Google’s haste with its AI Bard, which made a mistake during its first public presentation and caused the firm to lose billions of dollars. on the stock market (see our article). “AI presents incredible creative opportunities, but must be balanced with responsible stewardshipexplained the CEO of the platform. We are taking the time to develop these features with thoughtful safeguards (…) as well as protections to adopt this technology responsibly,” explains Neal Mohan. So we should know more in the coming months.

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