8 TikTok filters that are often used by the newest celebrities and artists in 2023

8 Tiktok Filters That Are Often Used By The Newest Celebrities And Artists In 2023

TikTok is social media which has now given birth to many new social media celebrities or artists. Through this platform, many people have succeeded in gaining fame quickly.

Well usually para celebgram it makes posts use special filters that make photos and videos look more esthetics.

Of course you are curious What are the tiktok filters used by celebrities? ? Of course you want to try it too who knows you might become famous too.

TikTok Celebrity Filter List

Celebrity Filters Tiktok
Celebrity Filters Tiktok

TikTok indeed transformed into one of the largest and most popular social media in the world today, especially among young millennials.

One of the things make TikToks so popular that with a variety of filters available in it can provide cute and aesthetic effects.

Especially those that are often used by celebgrams to make their interesting posts every day.

1. Filter My Background

This one filter works for make videos with the background replaced by another photo. So that you can freely determine what background you want to use for the content.

2. Tear Filter

Next there is a filter that is often used by creator content because it can give the effect of tears as if we were crying. It’s perfect for those of you who want to create sketch or story content.

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3. Swinging Head Filters

Another filter that is no less cool for you to try is Swinging Head. Where this filter is able to detect our faces and provide a magnification effect and make it look bouncy.

4. Ramadan Filter Get What

Because we will soon enter the month of Ramadan, then filter this one will be perfect for you guys. With a quiz effect which will display various random prizes for fun.

5. Filter Album Covers

Filter recommendations the other one and you can’t miss, namely Album Cover. Where with this filter, you can make a video which will end with a photo like an album cover.

6. Filter Half Filter

This filter has the concept of comparing 2 different parts in one screen. Where between the right side is a view without a filter while the left is a view with a filter effect.

7. Pose Filters

Continue with filters that are able to combine many different photos into a complete video. So you don’t have to bother with manual editing anymore.

8. Freeze Frame Slow Zoom Filter

This filter is also very popular and is used by many people. He is able to provide slow motion effect followed by zooming out. Very suitable for those who want to create short video content on TikTok

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Those are some best filters on TikTok which is often used by artists and celebgrams. You can try this filter because it will really help in creating more interesting content.

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