7 Solutions for Different OSs

7 Solutions For Different Oss

Conda command not discovered is an error message that you simply’ll see in your terminal if you happen to don’t have the proper configuration or set up of Anaconda or Miniconda. This article will educate you what you probably did incorrect (or didn’t do in any respect) that led to this error message in your pc.Fix The Conda Command Not Found Error

Everything that you simply’ll learn on this article offers you a deeper understanding of Anaconda/Miniconda, and also you’ll not run into this error sooner or later. With that stated, swap in your pc, and let’s repair the error.

Why Your Computer Cannot Find the Conda Command?

Your pc can not discover the Conda command as a result of Anaconda or Miniconda will not be put in. This additionally occurs if you strive the conda command instantly after putting in Anaconda. In most circumstances, these two conditions are why the system can not discover the conda command.

Other than these two causes, the next circumstances additionally outcomes on this inconvenience:

  • You have the incorrect configuration
  • You referred to as conda with out the “exe” extension in WSL
  • You didn’t run Anaconda as an administrator on Windows

– Anaconda or Miniconda Is Not Installed

A main explanation for the “conda” error is if you don’t have Anaconda or Miniconda put in in your system. This occurs as a result of if you happen to had both of them put in, the “conda” command will exist in your pc.Causes Of Conda Command Not Found

That’s as a result of, behind the scenes, the set up course of will add this “conda” command to your system setting variable. With this, you need to use Anaconda or Miniconda to obtain packages with out working into the error.

– You Tried the Conda Command Immediately After Anaconda Installation

If you’ve put in Anaconda in your pc utilizing your terminal, you’ll run into the “conda” error if you happen to tried the “conda” command with out closing your terminal after the set up of Anaconda.

The error occurred as a result of, on the time of set up, your pc will not be conscious of the “conda” command. So, if you ask your terminal to make use of the command, it doesn’t perceive it.

– You Have the Wrong Configuration

The incorrect configuration that we’re speaking about right here is the setting variable that permits you to use Anaconda from the command immediate or terminal. Without it, you’ll run into the “conda command not present in Docker error“.

For instance, on Windows, the newest model of Anaconda in 2022 permits you to add the setting variable throughout set up. If you select to disregard this step, you possibly can’t use the “conda” command with out the correct configuration.

Next, on macOS or Linux, information like “bashrc” “bash_profile”, and “zshrc” ought to know the situation of Anaconda in your pc. Your terminal will use any of those information (relying in your OS) to know the “conda” command.

The similar applies to purposes like Docker and RStudio, they should know the situation of Anaconda earlier than you need to use the “conda” command. For VSCode, you’ll have to allow some settings as effectively, if you happen to don’t, you’ll run into the identical error.

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– You Called Conda Without the “Exe” Extension in Wsl

The Windows Subsystem for Linux (WSL) permits you to run Linux on Windows however, you possibly can’t run executables on Linux such as you would on Windows. For the latter, you possibly can name executables with out an extension and Windows will perceive what you imply.More Causes Of Conda Command Not Found

But, it doesn’t work like that on Linux, and if you happen to name an executable with out an extension, you possibly can run into an error. This happens as a result of, in Linux, any file could be executable, and it’s important to be express when calling information from the terminal.

– You Did Not Run Anaconda as an Administrator on Windows

The newest variations of Windows 10 and Windows 11 will present a variation of the “conda command not found” error. These working methods require that you simply run some purposes with administrator rights, or else you’ll run into an error. For Anaconda, that error is “conda is not recognized as an internal or external command.”

How Your Computer Can Recognize the Conda Command

You can allow your pc to acknowledge the conda command by putting in Anaconda or Miniconda. Other than that, it’s also possible to strive restarting your terminal or updating the shell setting to beat this problem. Lastly, test in case your pc wants an replace.

For your comfort, we now have summarized all the options under:

  • Install Anaconda or Miniconda
  • Restart your terminal or replace the shell setting
  • Update your pc to acknowledge conda
  • Initialize conda utilizing the “conda init” command
  • Configure conda to work with Git Bash

Some different not often used but equally efficient strategies to eliminate this error embrace calling the conda command with the “exe” extension in WSL and working Anaconda as an administrator in Windows.

– Install Anaconda or Miniconda

The first repair for the “conda command not found jupyter” error is to put in Anaconda or Miniconda in your pc. If you have already got it put in, you possibly can take away it and begin afresh. Now, use the next to put in Anaconda in your pc:Solutions For Conda Command Not Found

  1. Visit the Anaconda documentation web page on their official web site.
  2. Click on the “Installation” hyperlink on the left sidebar.
  3. Read the “System requirements” and guarantee your system can run Anaconda.
  4. Scroll down the web page, and look for the hyperlink that corresponds to your Operating System and structure.
  5. Click on the hyperlink, and observe the on-screen directions to obtain and set up Anaconda.

To set up Miniconda, observe the identical steps detailed above with the next exception:

  • Visit the Conda documentation web page.
  • When you click on the hyperlink for the Miniconda for your working system, it’ll obtain the set up file to your pc.
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– Restart Your Terminal or Update the Shell Environment

After the set up of Anaconda through your terminal, at the moment, your system will not be conscious {that a} “conda” exists. To repair this, it is best to restart your terminal by closing and opening it once more.

This will repair the “bash: conda command not found Linux” error as a result of your terminal will grow to be conscious of the newest adjustments, and it’ll decide up the “conda” command.

Another choice is to replace the shell setting utilizing the “source” command in Linux. You can do that by executing any of the next instructions instantly after the set up of Anaconda. The instructions differ, so decide the one which’ll work for your shell.

  • source ~/.bashrc” : For Bash shell
  • “supply ~/.bash_profile: Another means for Bash shell
  • “source ~/.zshrc” : For Zsh shell

– Update Your Computer To Recognize Conda

The “update” that we imply right here is to make adjustments to the path setting variable in your pc. How to do it varies by Operating System and shell setting (bash shell or Zsh shell path) however, we’ll begin with Linux. To replace the path variable in Linux, do the next:

  1. Ensure you will have Anaconda put in.
  2. Open your terminal.
  3. Type the next with out quotes: “export PATH=/path/to/anaconda/bin:$PATH”
  4. Replace”path/to/anaconda/bin” with the precise location of the Anaconda in your pc.
  5. Press the “enter” key in your keyboard.

Mind you, you’ll have to do that on each session that you simply need to use Anaconda. To stop this, do the next, and if you happen to’re utilizing a Zsh shell, substitute any prevalence of “bashrc” with “zshrc”.

  1. Type the next in your terminal: echo ‘export PATH=/path/to/anaconda/bin:$PATH’ >> ~/.bashrc
  2. Press the enter key and the command will add the variable to the “bashrc” file.
  3. Refresh your shell path setting utilizing the next: supply ~/.bashrc
  4. Repeat the steps above for the “bash_profile” and it’ll remedy the “RStudio conda command not found” error.

For Windows, do the next to unravel the conda command not discovered Anaconda3 error.

  1. Open the command immediate as an administrator.
  2. Type the next and substitute “pathtoAnaconda” with the precise location of Anaconda in your pc: set PATH=%PATH%;C:pathtoAnaconda;C:pathtoAnacondaScripts
  3. Press the enter key.

– Initialize Conda Using the “Conda Init” Command

The group behind Anaconda added the “conda init” command again in Anaconda v4.6. This command will repair the Mac conda command not discovered error in your pc.

Now, from the choices under, choose the command that matches your working system. Also, substitute “path/to/anaconda” with the situation of the Anaconda in your pc.

  • ./path/to/anaconda/bin/conda init : For Linux, Unix, and macOS lower than 10.15
  • ./path/to/anaconda/bin/conda init zsh : For macOS Catalina and above
  • ./path/to/anaconda/Scripts/conda.exe init : For Windows

Meanwhile, if you happen to’re utilizing Visual Studio Code (VS Code), you need to use “conda init” otherwise to unravel the conda command not discovered vscode error. The following steps are easy methods to do it:

  1. Locate the set up folder of Anaconda in your system and add it to the Path setting variable. Follow the steps underneath “Update Your Computer To Recognize Conda” for Windows.
  2. Open EnergyShell as an administrator and kind the next: Set-ExecutionPolicy RemoteSigned
  3. Use the next if you happen to can’t use EnergyShell as an administrator: Set-ExecutionPolicy -Scope PresentUser RemoteSigned
  4. Open Anaconda Command Prompt and kind the next: conda init powershell
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– Configure Conda to Work With Git Bash

The Git Bash setting doesn’t work effectively with the “conda” command. But, with some tweaks, you can also make it work. The following steps are easy methods to do it:More Solutions For Conda Command Not Found

  1. Launch the “Run” dialog field utilizing the “Windows key” and the “R” key in your keyboard.
  2. Type the next with out quotes: “C:ProgramData<your_anaconda_version>etcprofile.d”
  3. Replace”your_anaconda_version” with the Anaconda model in your pc. For instance, you probably have Anaconda3, the trail can be “C:ProgramDataAnaconda3etcprofile.d”.
  4. Open a brand new Git Bash occasion on this conda listing utilizing the Windows explorer context menu.
  5. Type the next: echo “. ${PWD}/conda.sh” >> ~/.bashrc
  6. Use the next in case your pc username has areas: echo “. ‘${PWD}’/conda.sh” >> ~/.bashrc
  7. Restart Git Bash and kind the next: conda activate

Once you full the steps above, you need to use the “conda” command in Git Bash.

– Call Conda With the “Exe” Extension in Wsl

In Windows Subsystem for Linux (WSL) it is best to name the “conda” command with the “exe” extension to unravel the conda command not discovered WSL error. This means it is best to kind “conda.exe” adopted by different command flags to obtain your packages or carry out different operations.

– Run Anaconda as an Administrator in Windows

To run Anaconda as an administrator, use the next steps:

  1. Click on the “Start menu”.
  2. Type and search for “Anaconda”.
  3. Right-click on the “Anaconda Command Prompt”.
  4. Select “Run as administrator” from the context menu.

When you full the steps above, the conda error message will not seem in your command immediate. With this, you possibly can obtain the mandatory packages for your tasks.


This article defined the causes of the “conda command not found” error and how one can repair it. For your comfort, we now have summarized the important thing factors of this text under:

  • Not having Anaconda or Miniconda put in will result in an error.
  • Calling “conda” with out the “exe” extension in WSL will result in the “conda” error.
  • Refreshing your shell setting after putting in Anaconda from the terminal will stop the “conda” error.
  • A serious repair for the “conda command not found” error is to replace the trail setting variable in your pc.

With the knowledge you acquired on this article, you possibly can use the “conda” command with out an error. To be on the protected facet, you possibly can even print this text and use it as a reference in case this error happens with out discover.


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