7 products you can build with JavaScript web development services

7 Products You Can Build With Javascript Web Development Services

JavaScript is widely used on the internet. Most programmers utilize it, with 98.3% of all websites using JS as their client-side programming language. As a result, hiring a JS coder is a must if you want to get a decent web product.

Still doubting? Then this article is for you. Here you’ll see the top 7 things you can get with JavaScript web development services.

Practical applications of JavaScript

JavaScript is widely used to build websites and web applications. Let’s discuss some JS solutions in various segments.

1. Web development

Web pages are created using this scripting language. Developed by Netscape, JS allows developers to create dynamic and interactive web pages to interact with visitors and perform complex actions. It also allows users to load content into the document without reloading the entire page. The majority of websites utilize JavaScript to support and validate third-party programs including widgets, Flash apps, and PDF documents.

Many world’s largest technology companies use JavaScript to improve user experience. Some famous websites built with JavaScript are:

  • Google;
  • YouTube;
  • Facebook;
  • Wikipedia;
  • Yahoo;
  • Amazon;
  • eBay;
  • Twitter;
  • LinkedIn.

The list is endless.

2. Web applications

Various JavaScript frameworks are used to develop and build robust web applications. If consumers wish to browse a map via a program like Google Maps, they only have to click and drag their mouse to get a detailed view. This is powered by JavaScript, which communicates with the browser without communicating with servers.

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Popular JavaScript frontends that help build web applications are:

  • React Native;
  • React;
  • Angular;
  • Vue.

For example, Netflix and PayPal were developed using the AngularJS JavaScript framework and Application Programming Interfaces (APIs).

3. Presentations

A very popular use of JavaScript is to create interactive presentations in the form of websites. HTML5 online presentations can be made using the libraries RevealJs and BespokeJs.

RevealJs helps you create interactive slide sets with transition styles, themes, and slide backgrounds in all CSS color formats.

BespokeJs is a feature-rich framework that includes features such as zooming, animated lists of bullets, syntax highlighting, etc. Even if the user is not fully familiar with the programming language, they can easily create presentations as websites using JavaScript.

4. Server applications

Also, with the help of open-source Node.js runtime, we can write server-side software. Thanks to it, code writing, testing, and debugging for quick and scalable network applications become possible. JavaScript helps create content and manage HTTP requests.

Leading companies like Walmart, PayPal, Uber, GoDaddy, and others have adopted Node.js for their server infrastructure.

5. Web servers

What’s even cooler about Node.js is that it allows you to create a web server. Node.js is event-driven, so it moves on to the next call without waiting for the previous call to respond. Servers transport data in large chunks rapidly and without buffering. The HTTP module uses the createServer() method to create a server.

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6. Games

Making games on the web is another important JavaScript application. The combination of JavaScript and HTML5 plays an important role in game development using JS.

Rich graphics for games are provided via the EaselJS library. Simultaneously, full web access is provided by HTML5 without the need for other plugins like Flash.

Fun fact: complex browser games Tower Building, CrossCode, and HexGL are based on JavaScript and HTML5.

7. Art

A recent HTML5 feature in JavaScript is the canvas element, making drawing 2D and 3D graphics on a web page easy. This has helped open the door to various digital art projects in the browser.

Since the demand for highly versatile and modern web solutions keeps skyrocketing, neglecting seasoned coding specialists is a crime. Moreover, the JavaScript skill set is in high demand by employers worldwide. So it’s no surprise that jobs offer high salaries and lucrative perks.

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